Nothing Is What It Is Said To Be — Not Even An Olympic Gold Medal


2016 Olympic Medals

Rio (Storch Report) — The Olympics are over.  Rio is beautiful. Brazil did good and should be proud of executing an excellent 2016 Olympics.  And, NBC did yeoman work in televising and extraordinary performance from an extraordinary place.

But, the Gold Medal is not composed of what it is said to be. It is made of 92.5 % silver and is plated with only 6 grams of gold.  The last Gold, Gold Medal was awarded in 1912 after that the gold medals were gilded silver rather than real gold.

The Silver Medal comes closest to being what it is said to be, being 92.5% silver.

Bronze medals are bronze, which is actually an alloy of copper and tin.

And of course, the 2016 Summer Olympics featured eco-friendly metals, unlike the bay in Rio where sailors sailed.  The gold metal used in the gold medals was free of mercury.

The sterling silver used for the silver medals was partly recycled as was the copper used to make the bronze medals.

The participants that participated in the Olympics were real, except for those using drugs, ergo the reason the Russian Medal count was so low.

The Medals are but a symbol of achievement, as long as the achievement was more real than the Medals.

However, there are still a few gold medals around.  the Congressional Gold Medal and the Nobel Prize are gold.  The Nobel Prize medal was made from 23 carat gold; however, newer ones are 18 carat green gold plated with 24 carat gold.

To put all of this in perspective an inquiry by The Washington Times showed that the Congressional Medal of Honor, awarded for exceptional wartime combat gallantry, costs $29.98 to produce and is made mostly of brass alloy.




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