NFL Penalty For New England’s Deflation-Gate Should Send The Colt’s To The Super Bowl And Label The Patriots ‘Cheaters”

CronkingNew England (Storch Report) — The political correctness of social media should redirect its misdirected demands to change the nickname of the Washington ‘Redskins,’ for which native Americans have no complaint, to demand the NFL impose  a 10 year penalty against the New England Patriots for deflation-gate, and requiring them to change their nickname to ‘Cheaters,’ and disqualify them from the Super Bowl, naming the Colts as winners.

According to NFL rules, the penalty for this form of New England’s cheating, is a mere $25,000 fine and forfeiture of next year’s first round choice. To an NFL team this is petty cash and a small price to pay to get into the Super Bowl, therefore it is perceived by operatives to be worth taking the risk.  Yes, a very small price to pay for deflating 11 of 12 game balls in an effort to achieve a game league championship victory over  the Indianapolis Colts.

A 2 lb per square inch decrease in deflation of a football in cold, windy, snowy weather is significant — easier to throw, handle and catch a football.  And when those balls are only being used by the winning team, that is determined to be ‘cheating’ by league rules.  Therefore the NFL rules do not seem to be equal with the economic return and the crime perpetrated.

Nevertheless, it is unlikely that the NFL has the balls — inflated or deflated —  to disqualify the New England Patriots for the crime of ‘cheating’ and send the Colts to the Super Bowl.

It will most likely be that New England’s crime will be considered in legal terms as a misdemeanor, without the consideration of the impact that it will have on the youth of America.

Imagine if the NFL did what I suggest, law suits would mushroom from every quarter that perceives damage.  This will be overpowering as compared to the morality of the issue.

However, on the other side of the equation, what moral message is the NFL sending to the youth of America.  It’s okay to cheat if the goal is to win?

If the NFL allows New England and its owners to get away with this flagrant form of cheating it is demonstrating that the greed of economics – money – overpowers right from wrong.

If those leaders in the sports world really believe in their very own teachings, that participating in athletics transcends to other positive aspects of life such as team play, fair play, leadership, understanding winning and loosing, and fostering camaraderie, then they should lead with their teachings and their actions in this classic case should deliver a penalty that is equal to the crime — the New England Patriots should be disqualified from the Super Bowl and the Indianapolis Colts declared the team to go to the Super Bowl.

Any other action will fall far short of justice, for a team that should be labeled the New England ‘Cheaters.’





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