Next President of United States Should Name A Secretary Of Attitude Adjustment

Charles KrauthammerWashington DC (Storch Report) — After what is to be eight years of President Obama’s failed progressive policies, I believe the next president elected to the White House should establish and appoint a cabinet level position of Secretary of Attitude Adjustment.

I say this with all satirical seriousness, because no people of any global country needs to segue from a state of lunacy to a state of normalcy without the proper transition than the people of a country who has suffered through the leadership of one who thinks he’s a Jew, says he takes credit for America’s great earthly reputation, returns racial unrest to the nation’s cities, promoting divisiveness while fueling racism and exercises a foreign policy that puts the world in danger by calling the enemy who is controlling the Middle East, ‘sophomoric,’ without psychological counseling.

Nothing seems to be right in our culture, from jobs to the economy, from cheating in sports to cheating in politics, from fair play to disrespectful-play, and today Obama took time away from fighting ISIS, and lauded an Olympic gold medal winner that once was a he, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce, for the tremendous courage she has shown and undergone in this transition from male to female in a very public way.

Yes, the president of the United States, who believes he’s a Jew, took time out from the world of disarray he leads to recognize a Vanity Fair photo shoot and article announcing Caitlyn Jenner the former he who believes he’s a she.

The people, who have dealt with a passive progressive who leads from behind — which in itself is a double oxymoron — for eight years needs to decompress from its psychoses and a period in which a professional community organizer brainwashed a nation, and it is they that need professional help to move on, hopefully under the doctrine of Obamacare — if it is still declared legal by the Supreme Court — to a period of mental soundness.

For this position of Secretary of Attitude Adjustment (SAA), I would recommend Charles Krauthammer, columnist, NYT bestselling author and political pundit, a non- practicing Harvard trained MD psychologist, a real Jew and former liberal who found his conservative ways, and one who has the wit and intelligence to put a nation back on a sound psychological course after suffering from Post-Traumatic Obama Stress Disorder, (PTOSD).

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