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Shooting Survivor Says CNN Gave Him Scripted Questions After Denying Him Question About Armed Guards 

Storch Report – The Teachings Of Billy Graham? 



Legendary Evangelist Billy Graham Dead At 99 

Storch Report – Political Correctness Is Incorrect

CNN, MSNBC Helped Russia Sow Discord By Promoting Fake Anti-Trump Rally 

Trump Turns Obama’s Own Words Against Him In Russia Debate 

Study: Modest Drinking Improves Longevity 

Storch Report – See Something, Say Something, Should Mean Something 

Pressure On FBI Mounts After Failure To Pursue Tip On Florida Suspect 

DOJ Indicts 13 Russians For Election Meddling; No Americans ‘Knowing Participants’

Switzerland Becomes First Country To Make Boiling Live Lobsters Illegal ‘Because They Feel Pain”

FBI Knew Six Weeks Ago That Florida Shooter Wanted To Kill People 

Killer Troubled Ex-Student

Florida School Shooter Confesses

Storch Report – Rhetoric And Political Discourse Will Not Stop Killings Only Preventive Action Will

Manasota Key Fl Sand Funding Moves Forward; All Residents To Pay “Recreational” Assessment 

New York Times CEO Says Print Journalism Dead In 10 Years

Russian Curler Who Set Pulses Racing Takes A Tumble . . . And A Bronze

Storch Report – They Finally Found Something Exciting About Curling – Sex

DOJ And FBI Object To Dem Memo; New York Times Blames It On Trump

Jimmy Buffett Sells A Lifestyle He No Longer Lives And He’s Bringing It To Broadway In ‘Escape To Margaritaville’

17-Year-Old Snowboarder Nail’s USA’s First Olympic Gold Medal 

The Death Knell For Unions?

Storch Report – What Happened To The Journalism Of

Yesterday ?

Storch Report – Privilege 

Storch Report – The Jewel Of Charlotte County Fl, Manasota Key Beaches, Pay More For The Sand, Or Do Nothing 

‘Snakes in the Swamp,’ “Book Packs A Punch With A Passonate Point Of View, ” Says Gasparilla Magazine

Trump As Crocodile Dundee In New Book, “Snakes In The Swamp” By Don Storch 

New Book: ‘Snakes in the Swamp’ – Don Storch Commentary On Trump’s 100 Days Now Available On Amazon 

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