News Of The Day

Snooty Oldest, 69, Known Manatee In World Accidental Dies In South Florida Museum  

Trump Commissions USS Gerald Ford; Urges More Military Funding 

Death Toll Reaches 10 In Human Trafficking Case In San Antonio 

Trump Accuses New York Times Of Foiling Plot To Kill ISIS Leader 

Intel Leak Alleges Sessions Discussed Campaign With Russian Envoy 

Spicer Out, Scaramucci In, Huckabee-Saunders Press Secretary 

Old Man And The Sea 

Mueller Expands Probe To Trump Business Transactions 

Juice Loose After 9 Years In Prison 

McCain Has Brain Cancer

Trump Wouldn’t Have Hired Sessions Had He Known He Would Recuse Himself From Russia Investigation 

Main Stream Media Says Trump Had ‘Private’ Meeting With Putin Along With All G 20 Leaders And Spouses 

Trump: “Let Obamacare Fail”

If GOP Leaders Look Sad – They Should Be

She Came To America For Love, Ended Dying At Cops Hand

McConnell Defers Action On Healthcare After McCain Surgery 

Fox News Anchor Shep Smith Launches Blistering Attack On Trump Administration 

Storch Report – Leakiers v Whistleblowers 

Trump Jr Releases ‘Entire Email Chain’ Regarding Russian Meeting

Alligator Attacks Spiking In Southwest Florida 

Ivy League Faculty Members Spent $2.6 M On Hillary Campaign $15,000 On Trump 

10 Foot Gator Attacks Diver Retrieving Golf Balls At Rotonda (Fl) Golf Club; Nearly Rips Off Arm

Great Again: +222,000 Jobs In June . .  . Unemployment 4.4% . . . 

Goodwin: Why The Media Has Broken Down In The Age Of Trump

Trump As Crocodile Dundee In New Book, “Snakes In The Swamp” By Don Storch 

Snakes in the Swamp 

Commentary on the First 100 Days

By Don Storch 

New Book: ‘Snakes in the Swamp’ – Don Storch Commentary On Trump’s 100 Days Now Available On Amazon 

Sample Read Of ‘Snakes In The Swamp’ New Book On Trump’s 100 Days, By Don Storch