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Greenwald: US Media Suffers Most Humiliation Debacle In Ages 

Washington Post Reporter Apologizes For ‘Bad Tweet’ After Trump Calls Him Out

Media Botches 3 Stories In Week 


Norman B. Tomlinson Jr., Dead At 90, Former Publisher Of Daily Record Morristown N.J. And New Jersey Monthly

Americans Spend $70,000 On Takeout Food In Lifetime 

The Donald, The Energizer, The Deliverable, Elmer Gantry 

Pope Wants Change In Lord’s Prayer, God Didn’t Lead Us Into Temptation 

Huckabee: Mueller Probe ‘Stinks Worse Than Cabbage Cooking In Unventilated Kitchen’

Pattern Of Bias On Mueller Team 

Revealed: Demoted FBI Agent, Trump Hater On Mueller Team 

Senate Passes Tax Reform Bill 

Chicken Soup Really Helps Fight A Cold 

Only In San Francisco, Killer Of Kate Steinle Not Guilty

Storch Report – Power Brokers Of Sex

‘White Racism’ Course At Florida Gulf Coast Teaches That America Is ‘White Supremacist Society’

N. Korea Says ‘Breakthrough’ Puts US Mainland Within Range Of Nuclear Weapons 

Washington Post Reporter Caught Plotting Liberal Agenda With Billionaire George Soros 

Firm Behind Dubious Trump-Russia Dossier Paid Multiple Journalists For Work 

If The Queen Were To Control America The Hay-Adams Hotel Would Be Her Residence 

For The First Time Ever Santa Visits At Macy’s By Appointment Only 

Book Review By Jonathan Herbert ‘Snakes In The Swamp’ Gasparilla Magazine 

Storch Report – The Jewel Of Charlotte County Fl, Manasota Key Beaches, Pay More For The Sand, Or Do Nothing 

‘Snakes in the Swamp,’ “Book Packs A Punch With A Passonate Point Of View, ” Says Gasparilla Magazine

Storch Report – Populism v Elitism 

Trump As Crocodile Dundee In New Book, “Snakes In The Swamp” By Don Storch 

Snakes in the Swamp 

Commentary on the First 100 Days

By Don Storch 

New Book: ‘Snakes in the Swamp’ – Don Storch Commentary On Trump’s 100 Days Now Available On Amazon 

Sample Read Of ‘Snakes In The Swamp’ New Book On Trump’s 100 Days, By Don Storch