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Storch Report – Casting Couch Older Than Silent Movies, Reaches Far Beyond Hollywood 

Trump: ‘We Are Going To Say Merry Christmas Again’

Consumer Sentiment Surges To 13-Year High According To Survey 

Storch Report – Most US Leaders Don’t Care About People – Trump Does

North Korea ‘Hackers Steal US-South Korea War Plans’

Storch Report – In Defense Of The Second Amendment And The Core Reason For It 

Technology To Have Further Impact On News Business 

Nate Slams Into Gulf Coast; Thousands Without Power; New Orleans Spared 

Shooter Did Not Act Alone 

Sheriff Says Shooter Could Have Been Radicalized 

 Islamic State Claims Vegas Shooting, Says Attacker Recent Convert To Islam 

Storch Report – There No Longer Is Common Sense In This Created Racist Culture 

Price Resigns From HHS Over Extensive Use Of Private & Military Jets

The Juice Is Loose 

Florida Rejects OJ 

Melania Trump Fires Back At Librarian Who Rejected Gift Of Dr. Seuss Books As ‘Racist’

Hugh Hefner Dead At 91 

Obamacare Lives On

Moore Wins In Alabama 

Rob O’Neil, The Guy Who Killed bin Laden, Remarries 

Storch Report – Loving To Hate In America 

Storch Report – I’m A Deplorable That Voted For Trump And Proud Of It 

Storch Report – Manasota Key Ignored By Media During Hurricane Irma 

Storch Report – America, Tread Carefully On Your Democracy 

Storch Report – Repeal Healthcare, Salaries For Congress 

Storch Report – Populism v Elitism 

Trump As Crocodile Dundee In New Book, “Snakes In The Swamp” By Don Storch 

Snakes in the Swamp 

Commentary on the First 100 Days

By Don Storch 

New Book: ‘Snakes in the Swamp’ – Don Storch Commentary On Trump’s 100 Days Now Available On Amazon 

Sample Read Of ‘Snakes In The Swamp’ New Book On Trump’s 100 Days, By Don Storch