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New Book: ‘Snakes in the Swamp’ – Don Storch Commentary On Trump’s 100 Days Now Available On Amazon

Sample Read Of ‘Snakes in the Swamp’ New Book On Trump’s 100 Days By Don Storch


       ‘Snakes in the Swamp’ come in the form of bureaucrats, Republicans, Democrats, spies in the form of the FBI, CIA, NSA, lobbyists, consultants, friends, politicians – who make for strange bedfellows – and any other varmint living within the metropolitan radius of Washington DC., such as the Media.  Not all are reptiles, but there are enough from within to turn a non-politician, businessman into ‘Crocodile Dundee.’

            Donald J. Trump a billionaire real estate mogul from New York, who never ran for public office, entered the 2016 Republican primaries for President of the United States against 16 others, mostly Republican elitist operatives, beat the field in the primaries and then faced the favorite Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, a polished left wing progressive politician who knew how to skirt the law; nevertheless, against all odds, the Donald defied pollsters, political pundits, the left wing progressive main stream media and a rigged political system to become President of the United States.

            Trump used a not so secret weapon, first ever employed by a presidential candidate – a Tweet with only 140 characters.  He tweeted every morning taking his messages directly to the public, bypassing the media he didn’t like, trust, and from his perspective delivered fake news.

            President Trump filled the vacuum left by his predecessor President Barack Hussein Obama, who failed the middle class with empty promises, serving up a black community organizer in himself, a silver tongue orator who delivered eight years of Alinsky philosophy, socialist programs, duplicitous messages, hypocritical policies, both domestic and foreign, and mendacious rhetoric, all of which created divisiveness and racism that failed to unite the people and set America back a decade.

            Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, who served under Obama as Secretary of State, promised more of the same.

            The public had enough of the joblessness, the stalled economy, the stagnant wages, the failed domestic and foreign policies, the racism and the terrorism threatened by radical Islamic Terrorists called ISIS, who President Obama refused to recognize.

            Trump came along at the right time with the right message, even if it was Tweeted.    

            “Snakes in the Swamp” is a collection of commentary on the first 100 days of President Trump. 

Fake News

            Fake news has been around since humans have been communicating with each other.  Although President Trump didn’t discover it, he has certainly brought attention to it and rightly so.  Fake news comes in many forms, from many sources and is disseminated by news outlets, some even considered to be credible.  Some fake news is downright false, other forms of fake news can come about through innuendo, implication or by the way in which a writer strings a story together, even with facts.

            The next closest thing to fake news is negative news with bias. Trump has been the victim of both. Trump calls it a “Witch Hunt,” which it appears to be.  Negative news with intent and in collusion with one party, in this case the Democratic Party, is a conspiracy which is what is taking place in the United States and can erode a democracy.

            Trump has made this charge and a recent study at Harvard University confirmed it.

            No politician in history has been treated worse or more unfairly by the media than Trump.

            The report, based on an analysis of news reports in the print editions of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, the main newscasts of CBS, CNN, Fox News, and NBC, and three European news outlets (The UK’s Financial Times and BBC, and Germany’s ARD), found that media coverage of Trump’s first 100 days set a new standard for negativity at 80 percent negative coverage.

            For comparison sake, Bill Clinton received 60 percent negative coverage during his first 100 days, George W. Bush had 57 percent and Obama had just 41 percent negative coverage.

            In no week did Trump’s coverage drop below 70 percent and it reached a 90 percent negative at its peak.

            These numbers are appalling and a pox on the house of journalism.    

            There’s an old story about Moses saving his people from the Egyptians by parting the Red Sea.

            Moses was leading the Israelites away from the Egyptian Army who were chasing them toward the Red Sea and as they got closer, with their swords flashing in the sunlight, Moshe, Moses public relations person, ran to the front of the column and asked Moses what he was going to do when he got to the Red Sea.           

            Moses looked at the young flak and said, ‘Son when I get to the sea I will part the waters by spreading my arms like this, and allow my people to safely reach the other side.  Then, I will allow the Egyptians to get to the middle of the sea and I will close my arms like this drowning the enemy.’

            Moshe looked up at Moses and said, ’Do it like you say, and I’ll get you 10 pages in the Old Testament.’ 

            Merriam-Webster defines fake as a thing that is not genuine or, what is not what it purports to be. 

            In the early days of Catholicism, they called it propaganda and Merriam-Webster defines it as spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person.

            As President Trump looked down from the podium from the Capitol steps to the Washington Monument delivering his inaugural address he saw the crowds and thought these must be greater than what President Obama got during his first inaugural address, despite the inclement weather.

            Little did Trump know there was an editor out there that assigned a photographer to take a picture from the top of the Washington Monument back to the Capital.  When the photographer got to the Washington Monument he found the elevator to the top was out of order. 

            He climbed some 899 steps to the top and took the picture. Back in the newsroom the editor who assigned the photo with devious intent had a similar picture of the Obama inauguration and when comparing the two there appeared to be more people at the Obama inauguration.  The two photos were published side-by-side and Trump subsequently made an issue of the two photos calling it ‘fake’ news and claiming his crowd was larger than Obama’s.

            During the second week, the Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May visited with Trump.  There was a photo op in the Oval Office and May and Trump were photographed standing on either side of a bust of Winston Churchill, which had been removed from the Oval Office by Obama but Trump requested it be placed back in the Oval Office.       

             A pool reporter from Time Magazine, Zeke Miller, was covering the photo op and looked for the bust of Martin Luther King which was placed in the Oval Office when Obama became president.  It was there on that day also but the Time reporter couldn’t see it, claiming that a camera man may have been standing in front of it; nevertheless, he Tweeted that Trump had removed the bust.  His Tweet hit 3,000 news outlets and it was declared fake news.           

            Throughout the presidential campaign, and up until election night and into the morning of the next day the liberal media, pundits, pollsters, columnists and the bastion of progressivism, the New York Times and the Washington Post were predicting a Clinton landslide – it was the resurrection of fake news in the 21st Century.

            It wasn’t until after midnight that the liberal media began to see the shock setting in, Trump was winning Middle America, at one point the futures on the stock market were tanking by 800 points recognizing a predictable Clinton win. By the time the media declared Trump a winner the stock market (Dow) rebounded and opened 300 points up, Trump received 306 Electoral votes, a landslide from the Electoral College perspective, and Clinton won the popular vote by a margin of 2.9 million votes, most of which came from California. The center of the map of the USA was red, the outer edges blue, as was the Democratic Party

            The crying began at the Clinton headquarters, the protests followed, the de-legitimizing campaign by the Democrats was launched and war was declared.

            The rookie won, the enemy was facing PETSD, Post Electoral Traumatic Stress Disorder.

            They scrambled, tried to organize protests with no objective, they were aimless, but financially supported by George Soros, investor, business magnet, philanthropist and supporter of progressive political causes and worth $25.2 Billion.          

            The opposition forces behind the de-legitimizing campaign are identified as selective elitist Republicans, elitist progressive Democrats, some members of the House, the Senate, organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the left-wing mainstream media and even the Judicial branch of government.

            Meanwhile in a world wind of activity in some 21 days Trump addressed the remaking of Obamacare, the reform of the tax code, addressing funding for infrastructure projects, passing new trade deals, finding and preserving jobs, keeping companies in the US, immigration reform and the safety of the citizenry and rebuilding the military.

            The lights were on around the clock in the White House, suggesting that the occupant didn’t need much sleep while, those that worked for him were on the verge of narcolepsy.

    ‘Snakes in the Swamp’ is available at for $10.99.

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Storch Previous Book Of Satire On Obama Feaured In GASPARILLA (Fl) Magazine

“A Clever Thought-Provoking Collection Of Satire,” Says Gasparilla Magazine

New Book Chronicles Six Years Of Obama In Satire

Storch Report — Obama The President Who Praises Himself For His Failures (Political Analysis)     

Obama Didn’t Buy My Book If A Passive-Progressive Leads From Behind He Is A Double Oxymoron 

The book is a collection of satire chronicling six years of President Barack Obama’s administration. It is interspersed with columns off the beaten path, but reflecting the times. The book cover and title captures the essence of the writings through an editorial cartoon.
It delivers through humorous satire a plethora of oxymoron rhetoric . . . ‘You can keep your doctor and your insurance carrier’ . . . but you can’t. ‘Benghazi demonstrations were all about a film’ . . . but it really was about a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda.
This is the legacy of a president that promised a nation, “Hope & Change,” but instead served up domestic and foreign policies of mendacity.
The book is for anyone that cares about a nation that is floundering providing the reader the opportunity to personally reflect upon having been the recipient of duplicitous messages and promises rhetorically delivered; but few received the rewards in exchange for their vote.
It is a page turning collection of satirical columns delivered in short humorous bites.


Michael White, Of Sarasota Fl, Illustrated The Cover Of Both Books  

Illustrator Michael White of Sarasota Fl captured the essence of the writings of Don Storch in his cover illustrations of, both books by Don Storch, “Snakes In The Swamp” and “If a Passive Progressive Leads from Behind, he is an Oxymoron”  now available on

He also drew the caricature of the author on the author’s page.

White is a renowned illustrator also doing cartoon, character and concept development, computer graphics, multi-media, photography and instruction.

He is a graduate of the Ringling School of Art ‘Illustration Academy.’  He can be contacted at:

About The Author

Don Storch was a journalist, editor, corporate public relations executive, and crisis and issue management consultant.
He currently is a conservative columnist and author writing for the website, home of the Storch Report.
He is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University.
He and his wife live on Manasota Key, a barrier reef on the Southwest Coast of Florida.

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