New Book Of Political Satire By Don Storch To Be Released In October

Front Cover of Book 2

Manasota Key Fl (Storch Report) — A new book of satire entitled, If a Passive-Progressive Leads From Behind, he is a Double Oxymoron” labeling President Barack Obama’s rhetoric a ‘Double Oxymoron’ is being released in October and will be available through

The author is Don Storch who publishes a conservative blog, under the imprimatur of the Storch Report.

The book was developed from a collection of satirical columns written by the author during the first six years of an eight year term of President Barack Hussein Obama.

The book is interspersed with non-political columns as a respite from the politics of Washington D.C.

“Everyone has now witnessed President Obama’s passive progressive leadership from behind, which represents a double oxymoron.  It is a book the reader can reflect upon having received the duplicitous messages and promises rhetorically delivered; but few received the “Hope and Change” he promised,” said Storch.

The author delivers a quick read in page turning humorous bites.  As he himself said, “If it doesn’t keep you awake, it’s not a bad book to go to sleep with.”

Storch was a journalist, editor, corporate public relations executive and crisis and issue management consultant.

His columns rank in the first percentile of the Blogtoplist of political columnists and is read in more than 50 countries.

He is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University.

He and his wife live on Manasota Key, a barrier reef on the Southwest Coast of Florida.

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