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New Book By Don Storch Chronicles Six Years Of Obama In Satire

“If a Passive-Progressive Leads From behind, he is a Double Oxymoron,’ a collection of satire, by Don Storch describes how and why a leaderless and rudderless nation is floundering.

One could call the messaging by the lead character duplicitous.  He is delivering mixed messages that are in conflict with one another and confusing at best.

It reflects upon the first six years of President Barack Obama’s plethora of double oxymoron rhetoric.

You can keep your doctor and your insurance carrier . . . but you can’t.

Benghazi demonstrations were all about a film . . . but it was a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda.

This is the legacy of a president that promised a nation “Hope & Change,” but delivered domestic and foreign policies of mendacity.

It is a page turning collection of satirical columns interspersed with other opinionated stories of the times, delivered in short humorous bites.

“Everyone has now witnessed President Obama’s passive progressive leadership from behind with rhetoric that represents a double oxymoron.  It is a book the reader can reflect upon having received the duplicitous messages and promises rhetorically delivered; but few received the “Hope and Change” he promised,” said Storch.

The author said, “If it doesn’t keep you awake, it’s not a bad book to go to sleep with.”

The book is available on; Create Space eStore; Book stores and online retailers; Libraries & Academic Institutions; and CreateSpace Direct.

Don Storch was a journalist, editor, corporate public relations executive, and crisis and issue management consultant.

He currently is a conservative columnist and author writing for the website, home of the Storch Report.  Don’s columns rank in the first percentile of the Blogtoplist of political columnists and is read in more than 50 countries.

He is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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