Never Get Into A Mud Wrestling Match With A Pig — The Pig Loves It


pig-in-the-mudSt. Louis (Storch Report) — I watched the film Protocol this afternoon before the second debate this evening between two unlikable presidential candidates and it seemed to put things in perspective about what is already the most weird presidential election campaigns of recent times.

I think the unlikable’s — Clinton and Trump — should watch Protocol to witness the distractions our government and the people in it create, albeit in a humorous vain in the film, but not far from the truth in reality, and realize that it shouldn’t be about them, but about the nation, we the people and the polices they would propose for a better America.

An old metaphor says you should never get into a mud wrestling match with a pig, because the pig loves it.

The film Protocol, written by Buck Henry (The Graduate) in 1984 brings to light the difference between the establishment elitists which Hillary represents and the change that The Donald represents, yes in his own crude, crass and immoral way.

However, when it comes to immorality among US Presidents, we are not a nation that can boast about it anymore than the Vatican.

As for Clinton, she represents today’s corruption in government, the cloud that hangs over her head based upon fact, while Trump, the non politician represents the change the nation is looking for with policies he promises to deliver.

However, the Clinton campaign by-passes substance with distractions of character assignations to establish the premise that Trump is not fit to be president.

It is apparent that both have gotten into a mud wrestling match, which only the pig enjoys, and they have both drawn we the people into the pen with them.

Neither deserves to be president.

And once again we the people have to make a choice now between two pork’s, almost worst than the lesser of two evils.

Goldie Hawn, who played Sunny Ann Davis in Protocol, a dizzy blonde cocktail waitress who found herself in a hero’s role by getting shot in the ass and saving an Emir from the Middle East.

She was rewarded by the government and given a position in the department of Protocol and quickly found herself being used.

The government found out she was a quicker learner than they realized.  She read the Constitution of the United States and something about the people and found out she was one of the people and declared, after resigning from her position, before Congress that she was now going to, “Watch them like a Hawk.”

Much better decision than wrestling in the mud with pigs.

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One Response to Never Get Into A Mud Wrestling Match With A Pig — The Pig Loves It

  1. norman says:

    “With policies he promises to deliver.” He does have promises most if not all he knows he can never make good on. Recently in Detroit he promised to rebuild Detroit and for good measure he’ll rebuild Michigan. He’ll destroy ISIS but it’s a secret how he’ll do it. Etc. etc. etc.
    Speaking of movies, one of my all time favorites is The Usual Suspects, with Kevin Spacey playing the “crippled” character named Verbal.
    In describing the notorious, vicious killer named Kaiser Sozes he says “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”
    The greatest trick Trump is playing on a good part of the American public is convincing them that a left leaning liberal has suddenly become the face of American conservatism.
    Speaking of pigs I have an update on the progress Christie, the presumptive pig czar is making on the Secaucus pig wall.

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