Netanyahu Speech To Congress, Powerful, Historic, Eye Opening And A Setback To Obama’s Nuke Deal With Iran

Netanyahu and CongressWashington DC (Storch Report) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a powerful well delivered speech to Congress today that should open the eyes of Congress and the people of the United States as to the backdoor, lack of transparency nuke deals the Obama administration is trying to negotiate with Iran, all of which suggests that no deal is better than a bad deal.

It was an extraordinary persuasive speech which was interrupted by applause 40 times to a jam-packed chamber and made two salient points:

1.  That the Sunset clause in the deal would have a time limit of 10 or 15 years after which Iran would be free to build nuclear bombs and would have the capacity to do so within a ‘break-out’ time and have 190,000 centrifuges up and running causing a nuclear bomb race in the Middle East.

2. That Israel will defend itself and will stand alone if it has to.

Netanyahu came to Washington to show that he had the support of the US Congress and he certainly demonstrated that today, despite the fact that 50 Democrats boycotted the speech and the Obama administration refused to have any representatives present and the president himself trumped-up an unscheduled teleconference meeting at the same time with European leaders on the subject of Ukraine.

Netanyahu has now effectively shifted the debate by putting his well written presentation into historical context which should force the Obama administration to be more transparent, thus explaining the deal and its details to the Congress and the public.

This should be good for America as well as Israel, not so for Obama and his political legacy.

After all isn’t America a Democracy where free and open speech is welcomed, where full disclosure is encouraged and what Obama promised in his administration?

You wouldn’t think so after Obama’s preplanned strategy for the speech, set his attack dogs out minutes after its delivery calling it ‘fear mongering,’ similar to a Cheney tactic, Pelosi stating that the speech was an insult to the intelligence of Americans, while others called it political theater.

The Dems tone of hostility, acrimony and child-like rhetoric was nothing compared to the Kabuki-like theater the Obama administration has delivered to Americans in the past six years.

Netanyahu said during his speech that Iran is more radical than ever and that it was deeply rooted in Islam.  This couldn’t have possibly set well with Obama and his apparent consistent defense of Islam.

The world knows that Iran is not a trustworthy nation and that it is the fuel behind radical global Islamic terrorism.  While emphasizing that Iran is deeply rooted in Islam, Netanyahu notes that Iran is dispatching terrorists on five continents.

He identified Iran as the Islamic Republic and Isis as the Islamic State and both are seeking to take control, coming to the conclusion that “The enemy of the enemy is the enemy.”  Obama refuses to recognize this, no wonder they don’t get along.

It was a speech of the times, historic, and to be equated to a delivery by Churchill in similar times when Nazi Germany was marching across Europe and the Holocaust was on the horizon.

Academics will be studying the impact of Netanyahu’s speech, its impact and its outcome for decades to come, while the Obama administration will continue play the only game it knows — Politics.






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