NBC Should Be Banned From Hosting Further Presidential Debates



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Colorado (Storch Report) — I’m not going to parse the alphabet between CNBC, MSNBC, and NBC, I’m going to identify the network NBC as being responsible for a staff consisting of liars and moderators more interested in making and manipulating the news than accurately reporting it, as was demonstrated during the GOP presidential debate last night, all apparently condoned by its parent organization Comcast.

If the Republicans participate in another presidential debate on the NBC network, they should seriously question the Party’s future viability.

NBC failed to learn from its past mistakes with anchor Brian Williams which they themselves proved was a serial liar, finally admonishing him as punishment and sending him to their Siberian outlet MSNBC for serious commissions of journalistic errors of integrity, reporting and outright lying.  Most journalists would have been fired for less.

Although Williams wasn’t a part of the debate last night, his culture of poor journalistic values prevailed in the questioning, commentary and outright arguing with candidates by CNBC main moderators, John Harwood, Becky Quick and Carl Quintinilla with Jim Cramer and Rick Santelli adding to the newsmakers generation of the news of the night.

It clearly appears that Comcast, as the parent company, is more interested in ratings and advertising revenue, than journalistic integrity as was demonstrated by their moderators who appeared to be creating a reality show in the form of a ‘cage match,’ and behaving as an ultimate super PAC for the Democratic Party.

NBC spokesman Brian Steel defended the moderators saying, “People who want to be President of the United States should be able to answer tough questions,” he said in an email.

The questions weren’t ‘tough,’ they were nasty, rude, unfair, ridiculous, personal, baseless and failed to deal with the issues providing a service to the public and allowing them to make a judgment for themselves about the candidates and their policies.

The questions were designed to be entertaining with an apparent left-wing strategic political motive that’s pervasive within the culture of NBC.  This culture comes from the top down not the bottom up.

I can’t help but wonder if the network did a poll on themselves because it was they that made more news than the candidates and turned out to be, by the consensus of most, the biggest ‘losers.’






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2 Responses to NBC Should Be Banned From Hosting Further Presidential Debates

  1. norman says:

    Relax. Our complete presidential political process is a freak show and has been for too long. Not least of the problems are the power brokers who control candidates through private wealth. We were once a country where the average citizen had a part in deciding its direction, no longer.
    Fortunately, I wasn’t able to watch the recent debate but I’m aware of some of the criticism. I’m also aware of the criticism that Fox and CNN received after they moderated recent debates. It’s an absurd format with too many candidates to try to control. Regardless of the substance of a particular question the candidates either revert to their individual talking points which usually has nothing to do with the question or they deflect it to attack and insult opponents. But that’s what people want: entertainment.

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