Mr. President Where Are You?

Obama smurkWashington DC (Storch Report) — Oh, I know where you are when you are on the golf course, but I don’t know where you are when you’re in the White House doing whatever you think you are suppose to be doing?

In fact I don’t know who you are when you think you are who you are supposed to be. 

While modern day Nazism is taking place globally you are holding a White House Summit on violent extremism, which you think is some inconsequential civil unrest in a city, when you should be calling your Summit, ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’

You are in a war you refuse to recognize and in so doing you imitate action, taking up oxygen and detracting attention away from any form of serious campaign, but you ask for more money from congress  to execute a strategy you will not reveal and to fight an enemy you won’t identify.  You clearly demonstrate that you do not want to prosecute this religious war which you deny is taking place.

In fact you would like to blame it on the Crusades and Christ of 700 years ago, you remember that period of time very well, you probably woke up every morning in the Mideast to that wonderful sound of prayer.

You deplore the beheading of 21 Egyptians by ISIS, but refuse to call them Christians which is why they were beheaded in the first place by Islamic terrorists.

Your wet-behind-the-ears minions who often speak for you are telling us you can’t kill every terrorist in the world, which is precisely what you are not trying to do, but that we must get to the core of the problem, their ideology, and give them jobs.  You can’t even give Americans jobs and now you are going to hand them out to Islamic terrorists?

This is precisely what we didn’t do in World War II, we killed Nazi’s, and in so doing destroyed their anti-Semitic movement and thanks to you we are back from whence we came.

You seem to think we have other more important things to do than address terrorism, like deal with global warming in the midst of an Antarctic freeze that is now chilling down the state of Florida.

Your policies of amnesty by executive order are now being thwarted by the courts, and your Syrian refugee program is but another bizarre way of allowing back door Jihadists to enter the United States.

Very frankly, I don’t know who you are or where you are and do not really care.  I think the golf course, however, is a good place for you to be.  I know Michael Jordan called you a hacker, but that’s okay.  Better that you hack-up a high-end golf course than America.







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