Most US Leaders Don’t Care About People – Trump Does


  • America First
  • Protect Borders
  • More Jobs
  • Pro-Economy
  • Lower Taxes
  • Better Health Care
  • Military Might and Police Support

Washington DC (Storch Report) – These bullet points are among those that made Trump President of the United States.

They were what resonated with the people.

However, they didn’t resonate with DC elitist polls – Republicans, Democrats, Socialists or Hollywood-Weinstein progressives of the casting couch liberal-likes.

The elitist polls resist change and refuse to listen to the people to protect their own fiefdom.

President Trump is the change agent the people voted into office, a non politician, a maverick, a tweeter, who by-passes the liberal media with his messages, a pro cop lover, a military admirer, a patriot, who loves the flag and the national anthem and one who controls the news message of each day.

He delivered many of his campaign promises in less than a year, despite opposition from the snakes in the swamp, threatening those that don’t agree with him in his administration, his own party, those in opposition parties and the enemies of the US.

It was precisely what the people voted for and more.

I will go out on a limb to predict that the next election will see a transformation of voting the likes of which America has never seen before – one that will vote out the elitists of all parties, put in office leaders that will recognize the people’s needs rather than their own.

It will result eventually in term limits for members of Congress, preventing a poll to become comfortable enough to become an elitist.

Trump’s strength of power from military might has already had its effect on the world.

Few globally question his threats, likewise, few in the DC swamp question his resolve of objectives — work with him or move on, as some of his closest advisers have experienced.

His mold doesn’t fit the pattern of DC politics, but it meets the needs of the country during this period of necessary change.   

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