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E-Mail Sent To Commissioner Bill Truex About Sidewalks And Beach Re-Nourishment On Manasota Key By Author Of This Blog:

Dear Commissioner Truex:

As a homeowner on Manasota Key – 3060 N. Beach Rd. – I am opposed to sidewalks in front of my property.

Is it not enough that you – the County – are usurping land on the West side of my property with a beach re-nourishment plan that is doomed historically to failure, now you want to take more from the East side along with parking for the public and to take away from me what I bought into as a quiet island enclave?

Charlotte County was less than transparent in their presentations for beach re-nourishment, by not including in those forums held, your overall master plans to widen N. Beach Rd. for the inclusion of sidewalks and parking for the public to get to what was once a very special beach.  I have lived here for more than 25 years and have well learned that beaches come and go, and re-nourishment is a costly, on-going and failing solution, which has been well documented globally.

And now, you are asking all residents of Manasota Key to pay a “recreational” assessment – for tourists to benefit by – along with other costly assessments if you have beach front property, to transform what was once an idyllic island, to a honky tonk tourist destination.

It was a devious act, one at least, less than honest by omission, to not disclose the over all plan by Commissioners at each one of these public forums to commercialize Manasota Key with the intent to feed the coffers of the County with tourist dollars.

Donald J. Storch

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