Loving To Hate In America


Manasota Key Fl (Storch Report) – Loving to hate is the new political correctness, or, if you will incorrectness, that is taking hold in America and it has its roots in left-wing progressive liberal elitism.

Although the left would like to blame the divisiveness today on President Trump –  the target of the loving to hate movement –  its origin was President Barack Hussein Obama who drove his apocalyptic sword between left and right and white and black apologizing for America.

Today I am restoring my flagpole to its station following a repair of its finial following the passing through of Irma on our little island.

I will once again raise the flag giving it its due respect and not watch any NFL football game today and the dumb kneeling players that play the game that will make them dumber than they already are for the millions they make in America under a flag they disrespect.

Loving to hate is becoming the new norm among the elitists, whether they be Republicans, Democrats or Socialists, black or white, legals or illegals and under the first amendment of the constitution their rights are protected within reason and good judgement, little of which is practiced.

President Trump increased his criticism Sunday of NFL players who refuse to stand for the national anthem, calling for them to be fired or suspended and attacked the league and its owners.

“If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast,” he tweeted. “Fire or suspend!”

And so,once again proving that he is the non-politician, became a lighting rod for the left and left wing media loving to hate their favorite target for doing and saying what is right.

As I explained in a previous column as being a deplorable and having voted for Trump, he has done more right in a shorter period of time than two previous presidents and that’s a 16 year period.

But he nor his family can do no right, for the love of hate since Hillary Clinton’s loss is escalating with the intent of de-legitimizing the Trump presidency.

The left-wing media who is in the camp of progressive liberals has slipped into petty journalism which is not worthy of reporting.

From reporting about the first lady wearing stiletto high heals boarding Air Force One to not reporting that she wore sneakers while visiting the flood zones in Houston in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey to their critical comments on her stylish clothing as a former model and one of the most stunning and attractive first ladies of the US ever makes for ludicrous journalism.

However, the beat goes on, how about the 10-year-old who wanted to mow the White House lawn and Trump let’s him do it only to be criticized by the New York Times for violating child labor laws, or the fake news that Trump called the White House a dump, when he thinks its the finest house to live in.

My flag pole will go up, the flag will fly over the Gulf of Mexico and it will honor all of the men and women who fought and died for the principals it represents.

It is a symbol, a good symbol, a symbol that is right not wrong and Trump should be lauded for standing up for it against the bum’s that dishonor it.

This may be a lot of flag waving, and that is what it’s meant to be.

Yes, I would be for a bill passed by congress, despite the first amendment, that would disallow anyone in the US from dishonoring the flag and if  they did from declaring themselves as an American.

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Well said . . . 

Sandra Lee Risner 


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