Liberalism & Feminism Under Obama, A Change That Is Destroying Hope For A Nation

Sailor kissing nurse

Cambridge, Ma (Storch Report) — President Obama promised a nation ‘Change’ before he was elected and after six years that is what we have with little promise of ‘Hope’ the second word of his campaign slogan of 2008.

More accurately, his slogan should have been ‘Change & Setback’ for it reflects the reality of what Americans have been suffering since he has been in office.

However, the change in the social culture, and the core of America’s values have been eroding from within under the Obama administration, much like the cancer cells of Al Qaida are spreading throughout the world.

It began with a sophomoric president wet behind rather large ears, that do not listen very well, traveling across Europe telling anyone that would listen that America wasn’t ‘exceptional.’

As a result we have Harvard students today who believe America is a greater threat to world peace than ISIS, and French feminists’ who are demanding that a Normandy statue based on a famous VJ-Day photo is torn down because ‘it portrays a sexual assault.’

We should reintroduce both liberal groups to the mandatory ‘draft’ of that time which many countries outside of the United States still maintain and then observe how quickly there is an attitude adjustment of two liberal groups that are also wet behind the ears.

Liberal professors from liberal schools like Harvard don’t teach the history of World War II, they would rather talk about the Civil War, slavery and discrimination.  They don’t talk about the greatest generation that served and saved Europe and the Pacific from the tyranny of Nazi Germany and Japan.  And the French feminists don’t talk about how America save France as a country three times.  No they would rather tear down a symbolic statue without understanding its more than 70 year-old significance.

In those hallowed halls of Harvard and on the campus where the elite of snobs roam, they believe America is the villain to world peace and list the reasons why according to news reports:

  • Because America is making decisions that are much more likely to affect the world
  • American imperialism and our protection of oil interests in the Middle East
  • Destabilizing the region and allowing groups like ISIS to gain power
  • The outlandish amount of spending that America has on causes of potential destruction in the world
  • Spending on defense mechanisms

Across the pond in France the feminists are demanding the removal of the statue which was installed in Normandy to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II on the ground that it portrays a sexual assault.

The statue is entitled Unconditional Surrender, and is by J. Seward Johnson, an American sculptor, and is based on a VJ-Day photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in New York in 1945.  The group claims Alfred Eisenstaedt, the photographer who took the photo, said the sailor had grabbed and tried to kiss all the women around him before the shot was taken.  The nurse had been identified and interviewed many times and made no such claim of sexual assault. 

In fact if you look at both the photograph and the statue you can see the young lady’s right leg is lifted off the ground and body language experts would suggest she is enjoying herself and not being assaulted by the sailor.

As the Obama administration has run a-muck on all fronts, so has liberalism and feminism.

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