Liberal Politics – Sick

Amtrak train crash 3Washington DC (Storch Report) — Last night an Amtrak train from Washington DC to New York derailed outside of Philadelphia and it has now been revealed that it was traveling at a speed of 102 miles an hour approaching a curve in the tracks at which the speed should have been 50 MPR.

The result was a derailment, 8 people were killed, 8 more are in critical condition and 200 were injured.

Today liberal Democrats wasted no time in Congress to blame Republicans, before bodies were removed from the cars, for a lack of funding to Amtrak for the crash, yet early evidence suggests the crash had to do with speed.  Not a lack of funding.

It is a culture of blame that we are living in and a sickness pervasive in liberal progressives of today who foster divisiveness in all aspects of America’s culture, even to the degree where they take advantage of a tragedy to promote their agenda, ignoring the ethos of morality, and compassion even before bodies of the dead are removed from a catastrophe.



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