Left-Wing Media Attacks Melania’s Shoes On President’s Hurricane Harvey Visit To Texas

Corpus Christi TX (Storch Report) – It was not enough for the left-wing media to cover heart-warming stories that people were helping people during hurricane Harvey, which left 38 people dead and 30,000 homeless, they found room in their coverage to attack the first lady Melania’s stiletto shoes.

The headline in the New York Times read, “Melania Trump Off To Texas, Finds Herself On Thin Heels.”

It is but an example of how far the left-wing media will go to vilify the Trump administration even when it does something right, such as orchestrating a federal assistance program with a rescue and recovery plan with soldiers and other branches of the military and providing States with rapid financial assistance.

When boarding Air Force One Melania was wearing a Flotus hat, aviator glasses, a green bomber jacket, a sleek black shirt and slacks, and, yes, stiletto shoes.

When she got off the plane in Corpus Christi Texas, she was wearing the hat, aviator glasses, a white shirt, sleek black pants and white sneakers. This part of the story was hardly reported in most of the left-wing media, and when it was, it was buried in the last paragraph.

Now, it was not that the Donald escaped Crucifixion, for he was vilified for wearing a white USA hat with 45 on it, a presidential windbreaker with the presidential seal on it and a pair of cream colored golf slacks, and a pair of matching boots, but was called down for failing to pack empathy in his heart.

It was more of the bias journalism being reported today, for only they could tell President Trump didn’t have empathy in his heart while dealing with this catastrophic event.

It was a petulant demonstration of what today’s journalism is all about.

It appears to me, Republicans take action that will help the people in a crisis v Democrats who provide a tear and a hug showing empathy but little else. 

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