Leakiers v Whistleblowers


Washington DC (Storch Report) – As we all know now, if we didn’t before, Washington DC is the home of loose lips.

During World War II there was a popular propaganda poster saying that, “Loose lips sink ships.”

If that was true some 70 years ago, metaphorically speaking, the bottom of the Potomac must be riddled with scrap iron.

Whistleblower does not have a good connotation, it doesn’t sit well with most Americans.

Basically it means, a person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity.

As a synonym it represents, among a plethora of many synonyms, a snitch, a stool pigeon, a traitor, turncoat, a canary, an informer and if that is not enough it has evolved into a leakier.

Now a leakier, which I would spell as leaker, has no official definition.

I know this because the New York Times said it. 

They say, however, the term usually refers to the act of “providing confidential information to the public in a surreptitious way and without official authorization.”

Isn’t that what’s going on today after nearly a year of investigations of alleged collusion with the Trump Campaign and Russia over the past presidential election?

And the beat goes on, without any evidence of criminal intent or activity, but calls for impeachment by anti-Trump politicos from both sides of the isle, and yesterday during the confirmation hearing of Christopher A. Wray to become Director of the FBI, Sen Chuck Grassley asked Wray about his position on Whistleblowers. 

He, Wray, said all the right things with respect to Grassley’s position, which he himself called a soft ball question, on Whistleblowers.  Wray’s response was, “retaliation against whistleblowers is just wrong period.”

Wray went on to say, “I’m not familar with the Bureau’s internal processes but there needs to be a process for appropriate concerns to be raised,” Wray added, noting whistleblosers can play a “very important role in ensuring accountability.”

What hyperbole, what hypocrisy.

The snitch of a leakier, is the same as a whistlebloer.

If this is not the case why is Edward Snowden living in exile in Russia because he blew the whistle on the United States Government spying on US citizens, a criminal act and a violation of the Constitution, exposed by an employee of a subcontractor of the Government.

What truly is the difference between a leakier and a Whistleblower, the synonyms call them one and the same, and it is not honorable.

The former Director of the FBI, James Comey,  admitted to leaking , possible confidential information to the Media, is it truly any wonder he was fired?

It is balderdash what’s going on in America and the sad, sad politics of hypocrisy.

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