Kids Have Been Relabeled Purple Penquins By PC Academic Progressives

Purple Penquin

Nebraska (Storch Report) — Our liberal progressive academics have lost their marbles once again, including the prize puree.

A story went viral in the media today about a Nebraska school district that issued a “gender inclusiveness” hand out that instructs “teachers to stop referring to students by ‘gendered expressions’ such as ‘boys and girls,’ and use ‘gender inclusive’ ones such as ‘purple penguins.’

Purple Penguins?  Does this mean that all boys and girls were born with a birth defect called phocomelia which can produce arms that represent the flippers of a penguin?  Does this mean that there are no more boys and girls rooms, but they are unisex penguin rooms? And must our kids waddle like a penguin, flap their flippers like one and live where they can slide down icecaps?

There are 12 progressive doctrines with this academic indoctrination to teachers of gender inclusiveness.

Among them avoid asking kids to line up as boys or girls.  Instead use odd or even birth date.  Or ask about skateboards or bikes/ milk or juice/dogs or cats/ summer or winter/talking or listing.

Students should have an opportunity to identify a preferred name or pronoun.

Provide visual images reinforcing gender inclusion and they provide examples.

When it is necessary to reference gender, say boy, girl, both or neither and use it as a teachable moment.

And point out and inquire when you hear others referencing gender in a binary manner.

This is a sick state of affairs and I would not be surprised if this move is traceable to the White House, much like school lunches.

Certainty, if it is not, it is a culture that the Obama administration has cultivated.

I would suggest we spend more time on teaching history so the next generation learns from the mistakes of the past, which our current president has failed to do, rather than worrying about political correctness.

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