Justice Can Not Be Fair When It’s Only Looked At With A Left Eye

Left Eye

As the flak subsides to some degree from the George Zimmerman verdict, one would hope that common sense would prevail from the White House to the Department of Justice to the people to accept what was a fair and just decision by the jury, and not further fuel a racism issue that did not exist from the outset.

The racism issue was fed to the left wing mainstream media and they bought into it, something that would not exist in the journalism of yesteryear.

This was not an action of hate, it was self defense, a right in many States across America.  Every self defense law in the US allows you to respond with deadly force if you fear your life is in danger.  It had nothing to do with the stand your ground law that exists in Florida, the defense never raised it, nor did the prosecution, so it was a non issue.

Prior to the trial the FBI interviewed some 40 persons and found no signs of racism in George Zimmerman’s character.  In fact he dated a black, he mentored black youths and blacks were frequently in his home.

It was he that was portrayed from the outset by the left wing media as a ‘monster’ racist, a concept fed to them by black activists like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson along with comments from President Obama only weeks after the incident, when no one knew the facts, saying dramatically, “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon.”

It is time the media, especially those Sunday talk show anchors, stop treating black activists as delicate hot house flowers.

In America there are more blacks killing blacks than white’s killing blacks by a margin that is unfathomable, yet left wing activists would have you think if you see a white man you better protect your black child.

In Obama’s hometown Chicago the killing of blacks by blacks is an epidemic, yet Obama doesn’t even recognize it, and if he does, he doesn’t say a word about it.  But he did comment on the Trayvon Martin killing by Zimmerman that the judicial system declared an acquittal as a result of self defense.

The case never should have been brought to trial by special prosecutor Angela Cory, who failed to even present the case before a Grand Jury, but selected on her own to file a charge of second degree murder against Zimmerman.

Political pressure was exerted from the White House and DOJ from the outset.

The prosecution never had a case.  If it did why at the zero hour of the trial did it move to add manslaughter to the charge, which was granted by Judge Debra Nelson, a lifelong Democrat who was apparently feeling the pressure from D.C.  During the trial she served up rulings which were outrageously bias to the prosecution and at best contentious and argumentative to the defense.

It was then that the prosecution went one step further to get a conviction and asked for a third degree murder charge, which would include child abuse, because Trayvon Martin was 17, the youth killed by Zimmerman in self defense, following a fight.  Zimmerman was a watchman in a gated community in Sanford, Florida.  The request for this charge was denied.

Justice was then rendered by the six ladies of the jury.

However, there is no way that Justice can be fair when it’s only looked at with a left eye.

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