Johnny One Note

Johnny one noteWashington DC (Storch Report) — I’m a rather simple political pundit, columnist and author trying not to deliver complex messages but driven to deliver a commentary that communicates with the people. 

However, we are increasingly becoming a country made up of a multitude of Johnny One Notes,’  delivering messages of self-serving causes and the messages are becoming multifactorial, or perhaps dysfunctional, within the present social cultural which makes it complex. 

Johnny one note is defined as a one-hitter who repeats the same tired mantra over and over.  It’s used to describe some shrill, tired ideologue or academic that pompously echoes some quaint notion or idea endlessly, and expects everyone to see the supposed wisdom and bow in concurrence.

Yes, I could be considered a Johnny One Note for Democracy.  But that is the premise of our existence that progressives want to destroy.

We are a country today made-up of an extraordinary number of Johnny One Notes’ advocating singular causes, but not upholding the premise of our founders that developed the Constitution of the United States which resulted in the formation of the greatest country that ever existed.

A Constitution that resulted in a Democracy greater than any other and a premise that promoted fairness and equal opportunity that wasn’t perfect from the outset but evolved under sound principles to correct what was wrong and continues to evolve to right the wrongs that still exist.  The founders had the vision to see the importance of fostering an economy under a capitalist system, small government and not overburdening society with excessive taxation.

President Obama is an example of a progressive Johnny One Note, attempting to change our social culture away from the principles of the Constitution because he believes it is outdated for his agenda.

Instead of fostering the concept of our founders that has served the country well, we are now confronted with a progressive administration under Obama, a community organizer of the Alinsky philosophy, resulting in a cadre of Johnny One Notes, fostered by a progressive principle which has injected a divisiveness into a nation that is tearing it apart from the core of its foundation and accepting such behavior subsequently resulting in the decline of the foundation of our nation — religion.

We have become a secular country, and for the most part no one seems to be disturbed by it.

Among the myriad of Johnny One Note issues are: pro-life, pro-abortion, gay marriage, pro-immigration, reform of immigration policies, pro-union, anti-union, anti-business, re-distribution of wealth, pro-business, pro-climate change, non-climate change believers, education reform, taxation, flat tax, pro-military, anti-military, improved foreign policy, no foreign policy, a system under which we now live, all among many other Johnny One Note issues.

All of these issues are viable causes that can be discussed, debated and resolved under the umbrella of the Democracy and the Constitution that exists without the progressive mantra fostered by Obama to change it by fostering racism and immigration policies for the political gain of an ill-conceived form of progressive-ism.

We have but 20 months left of a failed Obama administration, praying it will do no further damage than what it has already done.   Twenty months to review, examine and decide what leader to elect to return this country to its greatness and correct the progressive wrongdoings.  This country and its electorate should examine closely the lessons it may have learned during the past eight years. 

It should elect a leader that will restore the values of our Constitution, that has been eroded by executive order, reenforce the principles of our Democracy and once again make Americans proud of its past and present accomplishments, to reinforce our military to the force it was, and should be in the future, in order to properly defend our nation and its citizens from its enemies.









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  1. Walt says:

    You certainly captured the essence of this administration’s practices and more clearly decribe what this country needs next. Of all your editorials i have read, this is serves as a tatoo on Uncle Sam’s arm. I would hope that the next presidential hopefuls see this as you do. God, lets pray for a return to democracy!

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