It’s The ‘Gruber’ Stupid Who Spilled The Beans

O & ValerieWashington DC (Storch Report) –Following President Obama’s return from the Orient yesterday there was a meeting with White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest; it began something like this:

“Whataya mean they have videotape?”

“Well, Mr. President, you know you have the teleprompter to help you give speeches, the media has video to record events and they keep the videotapes in archives so they can trap us and embarrass us in what they perceive as lies.”

“You mean like Hollywood has film?”


“Well . . . why didn’t someone tell me?  Is this a Fox thing again?”

“Primarily, Mr. President.  There have been only two mentions in the mainstream media on the Gruberizing of Obamacare, one each on ABC and NBC, but CBS mentioned it five times.  And as for Fox, well they think it’s a series.”

“Make a note of that Josh, they will pay accordingly.  You know that Johnathan Gruber is a smart guy, he was the architect of Obamacare, but there doesn’t seem to be any common sense there.  You don’t let the people know that we think they are ‘stupid’, even though we think they are.  Get NSA to put some pressure on the mainstream media as well as Fox, and lets take this to Plan B, for a distraction.”

“You mean bring out Sandra Fluke?’

“No, no you dummy.  I mean like a distraction . . .  an event.  Let’s move up the immigration announcement, that should take Guber off the news cycle.”

“Mr. President, it’s Gruber.”

” I know, I know . . .  then we can follow-up immigration with a Keystone veto if it passes the Senate.”

“Good thinking Mr. President.”

“We have enough distractions to last-out my term in the White House.”

“What about Obamacare?”

“I’ll think about that tomorrow along with ISIS, Ferguson, Russia, the lack of trust in the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court all of which seem to be melting like butter on an Aunt Jemima pancake.”

“Josh, would you like to go across the street for a hamburger?”

“I’m afraid not Mr. President, I have too much on my plate.”

“Okay Josh, I’ll see if Valerie is free.”

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