It’s All About Networking, Even If You’re Selling A Book

Home of the Storch ReportManasota Key Fl (Storch Report) — It’s all about networking today, it was that before social media took hold when one only had the ability to make telephone calls, but now it’s all about social media — the sales networking platform of today on the Internet.

As many of you know I recently wrote a book and self published it, it seems as though that’s the way it’s going these days in the book publishing field, especially if you want to get your message out fast.

And even if you have the capabilities to write a book, whether fiction or non fiction that is captivating, you need to get your message out to the potential buyer.

There is nothing new about this — that’s the way you sell a product.

That is called marketing.  There are some in the major corporations that do this through advertising, and if they have a quality product and the capital they infuse it with money and tell the competitors in effect, “You have to pay to play.’

Today applicants for a job are working the network through LinkedIn.

As for book publishing there seems to be an exponential growth of  companies feeding off of the self-publishing market.

They too are trying to feed-off of and make money on a growing market.

In this market it requires a consistent, persistent effort to market a book, most often, by the author.  This also applies to those authors that are published by an established publisher, who notoriously puts little into promotion dollars.

Having been in the public relations marketing business after a stint in journalism, I had no concept about what it takes to market a book.

I was marketing prescription drugs in the pharmaceutical industry and dealing with crisis and issue management.

And so, when I wrote a book of political satire in retirement called, “If a passive-progressive leads from behind, he is a double oxymoron,” I had a few eye-openers.

The number of books that are published are a dime a dozen, by both established publishers and independents.

It is not easy to breakthrough, even locally with a local writer or local publication.

Writers have to work the scene, locally, nationally and with book tours.

With a lot of press release distribution, book distribution to reviewers, I hit a lucky break; we scored with a double spread feature and review in the Gasprilla Magazine, a publication reaching residents of Boca Grande, a bastion of conservative beliefs, wealth and an island frequently visited by the Bush families.

This didn’t prove to be a bonanza, but it did provide a marketing tool.

This all takes me to a better understanding of the Internet, a place where contacts multiple by each relationship exponentially, rather scary when you look at the number of contacts that you can reach just through your friends.

The fact that the Internet is a powerful marketing tool is no question, but how well it works for books and the marketing of same is still questionable.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to continue trying.  Whatever, it’s been fun.












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