It’s A Wrap For Winter Olympics

Pyeongchang SK (Storch Report) -The Winter Olympics are over, the highlights from my perspective were the USA bringing home gold in curling, a sport that I have been raging on as boring from the first time I saw the sweepers in Zermatt in the 70’s, but I must admit my pulse went up for the win; coming in second was the performance of 17-year-old Red Geard for bringing home the Gold in snowboarding; and in third place was the outstanding performance by the USA woman’s hockey team defeating Canada for the first time in 20 years.

Otherwise the USA turned in a poor performance, placing fourth among competing nations with 23 medals, 9 Gold, 8 Bronze and 6 Silver.

Norway came in first with 39 medals, Germany second with 31 and Canada third with 29.

NBC, the network that broadcast the games, came in last for the worst ratings for all Winter Olympic games in 2018, perhaps a sign of the times.



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