It Was The Electric Tea Kettle That Made The Brits Break From The EU

Electric Tea Kettle

London (Storch Report) — I remember the Euro was complex from its inception and as it grew so did its bureaucracy. It dates back to 1958 and now consists of 27 countries, since the UK dropped out today, and to simplify its structure it has a single form of currency through-out Europe, with open borders, provides some form of security, not well, trade agreements and some form of regulations coming from Brussels, for some reason. 

Switzerland never joined, which is of little surprise, after all Swiss-R-money and secrecy, the EU didn’t seem to be the right mix.

European countries joined along the way during its 58 years of existence, and I’ll bet you will be surprised to learn that the Brits dropped out today because of the electric tea kettle.

However, in spite of all the other significant reasons to drop out of the EU, you must realize that tea is a big thing in the UK.

For example in recent years immigration reared its ugly head putting a burden on all European countries and there are signs of Islamic Fascism surfacing in the UK along with radical Islamic terrorism globally, which President Obama of the US refuses to recognize as a threat.

There was another sign that was exposed recently in the UK when it was discovered the most popular name for a newborn boy was Mohammad.

Then it was recognized that across the pond in the US a phenom by the name of Donald Trump surfaced, a political outsider, but well known businessman, a presidential contender who complained about illegal immigration in the US and wanted to build walls.

He is a plain talking man for a non-politician running on the Republican ticket.

In no time at all he disposed of 16 other GOP contenders, most all insider politicians, and has become the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton, the Dem presidential candidate has yet to dispose of her only contender running on the Democratic ticket as a Socialist, Bernie Sanders.

President Obama went to London to stick his nose into the UK business, which wasn’t appreciated, and along with PM Cameron told the citizens of Britain not to opt out of the EU.

Meanwhile Trump didn’t tell the Brits to do anything, he just predicted the citizens would opt out of the EU, feeling the pulse of the nation.

Politicians, pundits and bookies predicted that the Brits would vote to stay in the EU.

By sunrise in the UK today the betters lost big time, investors took a global bath as stock markets tanked, PM Cameron resigned and Trump was looking pretty good opening Trump Turnberry in Scotland.

As for me, I think it was the electric tea kettle that was the tipping point.

You see recently Brussels told the UK that its electric tea kettles, toasters, and hair dryers didn’t meet Euro standards because they were too hot and taking up too much energy.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of tea in England. 

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2 Responses to It Was The Electric Tea Kettle That Made The Brits Break From The EU

  1. David Adams says:

    Don’s analysis is pertinent but he forgot to mention that the recent EU regulation also referred to vacuum cleaners as well as toasters, hair dryers and tea kettles. The EU sucks, it’s now toast, and we’ve hung it out to dry. Don has it to a T.

  2. Llamamia says:

    Ha! Ha! Very clever ~

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