Israel Needs The US . . . America Needs An Ally In The Middle East

We have no planWashington DC (Storch Report) — Today may very well be a turning point in US/Israel relations despite each attempting to deliver a spin to ameliorate the tensions that are more than obvious for the world to see.

Perhaps these tensions exist more with the leaders, who do not seem to like each other, rather than with the people of each country.

And, perhaps it is as simple as a leader from Israel trying to win an election back home while saving his country from annihilation and another from America trying to find a legacy in a failed presidency.

With the individuals it may very well be about politics, but to me it is more about avoiding a nuclear disaster, and less about two politicians duking it out. 

However, I was struck by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, pleading for the survival of Israel before AIPAC yesterday, which is a primer before his address before the US Congress this morning, at which not one member of the Obama administration will be present.

You see President Obama is pushing for a potential nuclear deal with Iran and he doesn’t want any interference before he seals such a deal not from Israel or Congress, which as usual lacks transparency and won’t be a good one for the world — it has but a 50-50 chance of success, while Netanyahu believes such a deal “could threaten the survival of Israel.”

Obama’s Congressional Democratic minions plan to boycott the speech and press secretary Josh Earnest says the President will not watch the speech because he is too busy.

There was one paragraph in Netanyahu’s speech before AIPAC that was not only true, but compelling, to Israeli’s position:

“America lives in one of the world’s safest neighborhoods.  Israel lives in the world’s most dangerous neighborhood.  America is the strongest power in the world.  Israel is strong, but it’s much more vulnerable.  American leaders worry about the security of their country.  Israeli leaders worry about the survival of their country.”

The world knows that Iran is not a trustworthy nation and that it is the fuel behind radical global Islamic terrorism, yet Obama is negotiating in his usual naive way  with its leaders and doesn’t want any interference by Israel who has more at stake than America.

It is time for Obama to get out of his White House sandbox, grow-up and at least put on a diaper, fade out of his passive-progressive, leading from behind presidency, write a book, collect his fees for speaking engagements and redistribute his wealth.

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