Islamic Ideology The Problem — Not Guns Or Trucks



Nice, France (Storch Report) — It is time for a world leader to step forward, identify the issue and do something about the terror that is taking hold of the world.

We in the United States do not have such a leader here anymore, because Obama, a lame duck president with five months left in office, with a record of passively participating in two wars during his eight years in office, more than any other US president, but is a progressive liberal who leads from behind, strategically handing the game ball to the enemy by pulling out of Iraq and allowing ISIS to be created.

One must ask what happened to the America that won wars?

Hopefully, we will find the leader we need once again in the next presidential election here in the US, or perhaps, elsewhere.

In the meantime people are being killed on our soil and globally by Islamic Extremism.  Last night in Nice, France on Bastille Day a massacre was executed with a driver, a white truck and a gun on a balmy night on the French Rivera where 84 people were slaughtered, grossly, including 10 children and more than 50 injured.

Perhaps now President Obama will add trucks to the problem he sees guns causing.

World leaders hold meetings, summit’s with intriguing names that make you think of James Bond, MI 5, MI 6, CIA  and FBI with all kinds of extraordinary pomp and circumstance and expense, but little, if any, results.

It is time for a global meeting of the world’s leaders, which should be called by the United States, a country that should behave like the super leader it is — or was!

It is time to declare war globally against ISIS, it is time to develop a confidential strategy with certain elements disclosed to the enemy. It is time to realize that the enemy is not guns and trucks.  

A coalition of  world forces including NATO should declare a war against ISIS, or Islamic Extremism wherever it is located in the Middle East and attack them by air, land and sea with boots on the ground.

There should be strict control of borders and immigration within countries and they should be controlled. Police within each of the countries should control their respective cities with military type vehicles, tactics, equipment and armament.  Profiling should be allowed, all other activities and strategies should be considered Top Secret, only disclosed to the enemy after the operations have been executed.

Presently, of the NATO countries participating in the coalition, only the United States, the United Kingdom and France are serious in their commitment, with the US funding the operation. Those not fulfilling their responsibilities should be removed from membership.

Terrorists have put the world in a place it’s never been before — we are on defense — we need to be on offense.  

The progressive liberals of the world should finally come to realize that global warming is not the number one priority that we must deal with — it is the ideology of Islamic Extremism.




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