Is Anyone Home?

White HouseWashington DC (Storch Report) — I couldn’t help but wonder these days whether anyone is occupying the White House?

Christians are being slaughtered around the world and the leader of the United States, President Obama is doing nothing about it, and saying little.

That’s what was causing me to wonder if he’s still there.  I wouldn’t be disappointed if he wasn’t, but I would like to know who’s in charge.

There are some signs, with messages coming from the house about taking care of global warming and healthy school lunches that the kids are not eating, but not about the death of Christians.

How did this come about, is this an extension of Obama’s wealth redistribution being applied to religion?

Perhaps President Obama needs a physical.  I would suggest a check on his visual acuity and hearing as a first step, because he doesn’t seem to be seeing and hearing the news about the killings of Christians. This physical should then have a doctor revisit the alphabet, in particular the letters ISIS to see if he understands what it means.

You see it’s ISIS that’s killing Christians, but Obama can’t seem to understand that the State ISIS represents is made of radical Islamist’s which he apparently refuses to identify as such for what might be reasons psychologists should examine, to see if this malady has something to do with familial genes.

There was a sign of hope, because the White House recently “condemned the video.” This was as a result of the most recent slaughter in this century’s crusade, there was one before to which the White House said nothing.

In fact the White House Statement said, “that these terrorists killed these men solely because of their faith lays bare the terrorists’ senseless brutality.”

The statement delivered the obvious, but what are they going to do about it.  There was no comment from the apparently empty White House.

There are US citizens attempting to defect to ISIS, the FBI arrested six young men in San Diego and Minneapolis, but a few days ago, who were planning to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

Islam emissaries justify these acts for what they are doing because they say they are prescribed in the Koran.

Where are you Mr. President, do you need a primer about when the world stood by for too long while Jews were marched into Nazi camps and annihilated?







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