Iran Humiliates America And Obama Says Thank You


O at final state of union

Washington DC (Storch Report} — It was clear from the outset the primary priority of President Obama was promoting his own narcissistic self.

And now as he winds down his failures of the past seven years trying to salvage some fantasy of his own self-perception of a legacy in his 8th and final year, where he has been humiliated  by his own lack of global diplomacy, in particular, Iran, he says thank you to them for capturing and releasing 10 US sailors who strayed off course in the Strait of Hormuz.

It was a propaganda coup of American weakness displayed by Iran that did not go unnoticed by the world, who perceived this long before this incident.  

While ISIS has drawn blood on four continents and is growing much like cancer globally, Obama says they are not an existential threat and America could withstand another 9/11 while continuing to call them a JV team.  Meanwhile, he continues to pursue gun control, while he is surrounded by guns for his own protection, pays more attention to climate warming over the safety of Americans, and ignores jobs, the economy and salary increases for the middle class.

Sailors with hands behind heads

As he proclaimed at the State of the Union that America was the most powerful nation on earth, he was exemplifying his own performance how such power was worthless with a weak leader.

Who is this Commander in Chief that weakens and demoralizes the US military, releases Islamic terrorists from Gitmo, to fulfill a campaign promise to close Gitmo?

Who is this Commander in Chief who calls ISIS a JV team when that team resides in the White House?

Who is this Commander in Chief who is about to release $100 Billion to Iran for the bad deal he negotiated that will eventually give the bomb to Iran while further humiliating America?

Obama should depart from the oval office only with the accolades of a job “badly done” and do so in a country in the Middle East where he will feel more comfortable.







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