Investigative Journalists Needed To Go After The System



Washington DC (Storch Report) — If Donald Trump has done nothing else during his run for the presidency, he has exposed the corruption that exists, if only circumstantially, within our government and the system by which it exists.

It exists through the bias of our media in their reporting and the stories they select to run, it exists within the system of our government in knowing how to play the game for politicians’ own political gains, it exists during elections at the polls with dead people voting mostly for Democrats, illegal aliens doing the same for Democrats, Blacks and Hispanics doing likewise with collusion between the two main political parties, while there are 64.7 million non-English speaking residents in America potentially voting.

Democrats oppose voters being required to present identification before voting at the polls, calling it racist, but the same people can’t get on a plane or being stopped by a cop or buying a cell phone without providing such identification.

Optics are important and are part of the circumstantial evidence that requires investigative reporting, but how is that going to happen when, for example, 96% of today’s reporters contributed money to Clinton and only 4% contributed to Trump.  The optics: Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server handling classified documents, lied to the FBI 39 times, destroyed 33,000 emails after receiving a subpoena from Congress for them, husband of Hillary, former President Bill Clinton, meeting clandestinely in a plane on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport with Attorney General Loretta Lynch a week before the FBI is to submit its recommendation to the DOJ.  The recommendation was submitted and accepted not to indict.

Optics say there is a paper trail directly to the White House. The public believes it, but where are the checks and balances of the media exercising its rights under the first amendment?  They are not there because they are part of the ‘system.’  

While there is collusion on multiple fronts apparent within the system, no one is there to investigate the wrongdoings, not Woodward & Bernstein, nor those investigative reporters from the Boston Globe who eventually uncovered the pedophilia scandal within the Catholic church in Boston of some 90 priests that resonated all the way to the Vatican because the system was flawed with pedophilia’s world-wide.

Richard Nixon and his ‘Dirty Tricks’ couldn’t hold a candle to these Millennium gangsters. 

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  1. Llamamia says:

    We need to bring back Woodward, Bernstein and add Storch!

  2. norman says:

    Woodward and Bernstein were journalists.

  3. Llamamia says:

    And so is Storch. Perhaps not as well known:)

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