Imagine, A Crook In The White House Rather Than The Big House


Cllinton Corruption Cartoon

Washington DC (Storch Report) –It is time for political change in America’s leadership and as Donald Trump says, ‘What the hell, it couldn’t be any worse.’

I beg to differ with that conclusion, should Hillary Rodham Clinton, who promises more of the same Obama policies be elected. In addition to this she comes with a resume riddled with political corruption, dodging criminal acts throughout a lifetime of politics with her husband Bill, the former president . . . the two now representing what might be called the Bonnie & Clyde of modern day corrupt politics.

Although change in Party will be necessary for the Nation as we know it for its own survival, I am not anymore enthralled with the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, both rig elections. The GOP performance throughout the primaries was abysmal with it’s elitism and cronyism, and it’s lack of backing the winner throughout a more than fair contest.  However, when it was all over the Party was ready to overthrow the winner for cronyism and the status quo, even to the point of acquiescing to the Democratic Party to maintain the status quo for the wealthy rather than risk the unknown.  The unknown was something we got 8 years ago and not for the better.  The parties look much alike, except for the Democrats being socialists with tendencies toward Marxism.

We as a nation, unfortunately, accept lying and corruption in politics as the norm.  As a reporter on a local daily I saw it on the grass roots level, from kickbacks — much like Clinton’s pay for play as Secretary of State parlaying her power and seguing it to the Clinton Foundation as a quid pro quo — to the nepotism of her family, friends and cronies.  And you can be assured if it is corrupt on the grass roots level, you know it only becomes exponentially worse on the road to the White House.  Few get caught.

The Clinton’s claimed they were broke when they left the White House, but in a very short time through books, speeches, the Clinton Foundation a pay for play access scam when Hillary was Secretary of State, the set-up of a private email server in their home and 85 contacts, including foreign countries, seeking access to Hillary via donations to the Clinton Foundation, they can now claim a net worth of $100 million.

Power and greed are as addictive as Heroin and you can’t get from the local level of politics to the White House without bending the rules and having the connections to be above the law.

Hillary Clinton is a primary example of this, yet we find her running for president, with a resume riddled with more scandals in the past than notorious Mafia members, from criminal acts dodged, to multiple deaths at her doorstep, but protected by a rigged judicial system governed by the party to which she and her husband, the former President Bill Clinton, belong.

Nothing was more convincing to these facts than the FBI Director James Comey who recently made a case for an indictment of Clinton for creating a private email server in her home when Secretary of State and using a ‘BleachBit’ program to destroy 33,000 emails that were unrecoverable but when push came to shove Comey went with the political tide and failed to recommend an indictment to Obama’s Justice Department and Justice concurred with the recommendation.  The fix was in.  It might be noted here that Bill Clinton intervened days before the FBI decision with a secret meeting with DOJ head, Loretta Lynch in a plane on the tarmac of the Arizona airport.  Lynch shortly thereafter concurred with the recommendation and Clinton was cleared for the time being.

Questions are now being raised.

If there was no ‘intent’ by Hillary as FBI Director Comey declared for indictment, why did she have a private server in her home, which is against federal law, and ‘negligently and carelessly’ handled classified material according to the FBI? And, why did she and her lawyers use a ‘BleachBit’ program that makes emails unrecoverable, to erase 33,000 alleged personal emails if there was no intent?

Today, Judicial Watch revealed that another 15,000 emails were uncovered by the FBI, many dealing with emails dealing with the Clinton cover-up of Benghazi that took four American lives including the Ambassador to Syria. The emails were turned over to the State Department and a judge has ordered the emails be released next week. Meanwhile BleachBit is promoting the fact that Clinton wiped her server with their product.

Furthermore, the disclosed emails submitted and those that were retrievable, revealed a pay for play scam between foreign countries, some of which were enemies of the US, for access to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.  There was no question there was a connection between the private email server Hillary used when Secretary of State and the Foundation, because it was the Clinton Foundation’s server before she started using it. The use of a private email server is against Federal law as is the improper protection of classified materials.

According to Hillary she and her husband have been victims of a lifetime of right wing conspiracies.

However, the Clinton’s optics during their collective 30 years of a politics are not only bad, unethical and morally improper, the acts broke laws along the way — but while others went to jail for similar acts — the Clinton’s dodged all of the legal bullets proving that Justice isn’t always fair for some, while others are above the law.

A special Federal prosecutor should be appointed by President Obama, an investigation immediately conducted of the Clinton’s, the Clinton Foundation, the State Department and the private server which functioned as the web of alleged corruption to determine acts of wrongdoing.

A conclusion should be reached prior to the November elections in order for the electorate to determine whether one of the two candidates for President of the United States should be in the White House or the Big House.





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