I’m A Deplorable That Voted For Trump And Proud Of It

Washington DC (Storch Report) -I voted for change to rid this country of the political leadership of progressive, liberal, Republican, Democratic and Social elitism.

I am pleased with the change that has already taken place, I am sorry those that I have labeled are not, including the flakes of Tinsel Town.

If they can call me a ‘disgusting deplorable,’ filled with a basket of hate-filled falsehoods as displayed in the above illustration, I don’t think they should mind if I label them what they are,  after all it’s not ‘fake’ news.

What is the change that I like that has taken place under the Trump Administration:

  • On a personal basis I like the looks of my 401 k, we haven’t had a stock market that looks as positive as this in the 8 years under the oxymoron* administration of Obama. It demonstrates the markets confidence in Trump.
  • Unemployment is at it’s lowest level in 16 years.
  • The military has an infusion of $17 Billion, buttressing its might as the strongest military power in the world, providing safety for America.
  • Trump represents America, and places it first in his priorities, something Obama failed to do, and furthermore promised that there will no longer be ‘one-sided’ deals such as the worst deal ever that the US entered into with Iran.
  • Addressing the UN, delivering one of his best speeches, he called Kim, leader of North Korea ‘rocket man,’ and told the world it was time for North Korea to ‘denuclearize’ or be annihilated by the United States.
  • It is the 230th anniversary of the Constitution which represents ‘We the People’ and its promise that it is the people that rule, it is the people that govern and it is the people that are sovereign. And after 230 years the progressive liberal elitists want to change the Constitution, in particular the Electoral College which gave the presidency to Trump over Hillary Clinton who won the popular vote..  The crying hasn’t stopped and the elitists want to change the rules of the game because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

Trump from the outset understood immigration in relation to terrorism.  A wall was one of his promises.  Respect for the law, borders and culture were paramount. He will meet his goal if he needs to create his own brand called populism.

Term limits for Congress should be on the horizon, This will prevent elitism and multi-millionaires in the Senate and the House.

Trump is already more than that as a businessman and a non politician who doesn’t take a salary for the job he holds.

While the progressive liberal hate mongers are creating noise of distractions, Trump is still meeting his objectives, a positive economy, jobs, a strong military, pro business climate, safety for Americans, America first policy, a pro law enforcement policy and the easing of regulations that are pro business.

Trump does what he needs to do, to get something done even deal with Schumer and Pelosi to resolve DACA and bailed-out Obama’s immigration amnesty program.

My book “Snakes in the Swamp*,” the first 100 days describes his course, his policies and despite his distractions he has stayed the course.

Yes, I’m a deplorable that voted for Trump and proud of it. Who did you vote for and how’s she doing?

# # #

Editor’s note:

*A Passive Progressive who Leads From Behind Is a Double Oxymorn” and “Snakes in the Swamp,” the first 100 days of Trump, by Don Storch are available on Amazon.com

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