If Hillary Has A Woman Card To Fight The Cause Shouldn’t Donald Have A Trump Card?


Trump Card

Woman CardNew York (Storch Report) — Hillary Clinton may well regret playing the woman card when the Donald has yet to play his Trump card against her, other than calling her ‘crooked,’ which most of the country already perceives, even women.

Clinton protested at the time her husband, as in Bill Clinton 42nd president of the United States, admitted to being involved with Monica Lewinsky, that she was not just another Tammy Wynette “Standing by her Man” yet that is precisely what Hillary did on multiple occasions during her husband’s political career as his philandering collected a bevy of exploited women while he took advantage of his lofty government positions.

After the two presidential candidates swept primaries in the east with the Donald going 5 for 5 and Hillary going 4 for 5, they turned the focus on each other.

At a town- hall meeting Hillary promised, if elected, that half of her cabinet would be women.

Shortly thereafter the Donald replied. “I call her ‘Crooked Hillary’ because she’s crooked and you know the only thing she’s got is the woman card,” he said.  “That’s all she’s got and it is pandering.”

Hillary then introduced The Woman Card promising to fight for women’s health care, paid family leave and equal pay all for a contribution of $10 to $500 and more avoiding any promises against sexual harassment, an act her husband participated in while Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States.

It is unlikely that the Donald will not play the Trump sexual harassment card after all neither have much to loose when it comes to the woman’s vote.

Hillary is 47% in the negative column with women with a net negative of -3 and the Donald is 66% in the negative column with women a -14 net negative.

The Donald has much more fertile ground to cover with Hillary than she has with him, far more than sexist moments involving her standing behind her man.

Hillary is more likely to step in a quagmire of blunders as Donald goes on with his personal attacks and those connecting her to a failed Obama presidency. 

Hillary raised eyebrows Thursday when she quipped that Donald Trump has gone ‘off the reservation’ in reference to his frequent personal attacks, according to the Daily Mail.

Hillary, in a CNN interview, was asked whether she felt she learned anything about how to deal with Trump’s offensive comments.  “I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak,” Clinton responded.

The comment was found to be offensive to Native Americans.  She has a penchant to negatively interact with communities  of color with remarks like these, “Super-predators,” Hot sauce” and now “off the reservation” among a lot of other problematic speech and behavior that Trump has the ability to bring out.

And, when it comes to introducing cards into her campaign I think she should stay away from swiping ‘crooked subway’ cards, and Donald playing his native-born Trump Card.





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