If A Passive Progressive Leads From Behind Is He An Oxymoron?

Obama Can't lead

Washington DC (Storch Report) — Could it be that President Obama has stumbled upon a new social order, or has he created one from his learned expertise as a community organizer in Chicago?

After all, we have seen how well that city has done under his former adviser Mayor Rahm Emanuel, but this could be but a minor domestic distraction that might have something to do with gun control?

When it comes to crises in the Obama administration it is difficult to know where to start with an example, for there are too many to chose from.

But then again this could very well be by design.

Because you see, crises by their very nature are distractions and distractions take your eye off the ball from the direction a passive progressive like President Obama might want to take a nation.

He began as an alleged constitutional scholar with a law degree, now without a license to practice, then he did his best as a president with a silver tongue, taking an oath to up-hold the constitution, but then to take every measure he could to circumvent it by executive order, but claim he was only doing it because of obstructionist Republicans, not disclosing he might be a Marxist Progressive president with motives to minimize America’s exceptionalism and leadership.

Then he would pursue a global and domestic path of wealth redistribution, domestic military degradation, social and economic redistribution and passively lead a nation from behind purposefully delivering duplicitous administrative messages domestically, globally, confusing the people he leads and the foreign powers that are allies that want to follow what they think he represents, but is in the process of destroying.

This is Barack Hussein Obama, America’s Fund Raiser in Chief for the Democratic Passive Progressive Party.

Yes, and he is well on his way to sowing the seeds of destruction within a short six years.

Obama is our, Oxy . . . moron!

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