‘I Hate Clinton’ . . . ‘I Hate Trump’


Art Deco Marlin

Miami Fl (Storch Report) — Moe: “I hate Trump more than you hate Clinton.’

Joe: ‘You couldn’t possibly hate Trump more than I hate Clinton, she’s a ‘crook’ and a ‘liar,’ and the Donald just put ‘Rotten’ in-between Hillary and Clinton.  You remember, it used to be Rodham?”

Moe and Joe are two old friends from the Bronx that moved into an apartment in South Beach, Florida after they both lost their wives.

They missed the Art Deco environment of Miami from the old days when they both vacationed here with their wives.

They have a similar routine each day, exercise in the Morning, where they first argue over who would drive the 1952 Cadillac to a Park on Key Biscayne, sit on a bench overlooking the bay and argue over politics each from the opposite spectrum. 

And this was the season where their adrenaline was at its peak, the presidential elections, where their jaw muscles got more exercise than any other part of the anatomy.

Moe: “I keep telling you, Joe, you’ve got to stop believing what you read.”

Joe: “After all these years Moe, what’a ya think, I’m some kind of a schmuck? I got this lying stuff from the FBI Director.  You saw his testimony on Hillary’s emails. She’s a liar and if she lied about that what else didn’t she lie about?”

Moe: “Yea, Joe but they didn’t get her or her husband Bill on an indictment.  Maybe you’re right Joe, the system is rigged. Bill was impeached, but the Senate let him off for perjury.  He was a liar like she.  Do you remember when we were growing up there was this guy Pu-pi Worksman, who was in every gal’s paints, but couldn’t keep his own clean.  He played football and they even introduced him into the game by his parent’s nickname.”

Joe: “Look Moe, you voted for Debbie Wasserman Schulz for Congresswoman.  Talk about rigging, she has more rigging in her hair than that fishing boat going out the pass.  She rigged the DNC nominee for Hillary over Bernie Sanders, and did so through emails that denounced he was a Jew.  When this was disclosed she was forced to resign, but quickly picked up another job as Hillary’s honorary Chair of her campaign for president. A virtual admission of wrongdoing.  She did all but take Bernie’s Bah Mitzvah away from him.  Did you see where the Dems booed through the DNC invocation taking God out of their platform?” 

Moe: “Blasphemy! I think my jaw has had enough exercise.  Let’s go to Wolfe’s for the early bird lunch special, have a couple martinis and take a nap.”

Joe: “Good idea Moe.”












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