I Came Down With The Flu Watching The Democratic Debate Last Night


Hillary & Saunders

New Hampshire (Storch Report) — Last night, I thought I was bitten by a mosquito from Brazil, because I began to feel nauseous, then I thought, perhaps, I had irritable bowel syndrome, then I realized I was watching two bobbleheads, one called Sanders a socialist, another called Clinton, a progressive who seemed to be one in the same by the way in which they nodded their heads at each other, and realized I was watching the Democratic debate for President between a clone of each other and their rhetoric was causing my symptoms and thus the diagnosis of my condition.

Nevertheless, my first thought was not to have sex with anyone for fear that I had the Zika virus.

Had I not been a practicing non-physician all of my life this diagnosis would not have been possible.

If I am not mistaken, I was watching a Democratic septuagenarian and another that is about to be one running for President of the United States debating each other in New Hampshire. 

Their rhetoric was as phony as a Clinton two dollar coin that was flipped in favor of her in the Iowa caucuses to edge out Sanders by .3% of some kind of vote called an alleged primary by our politicians. 

There are some of us more than others that believe there should be more doubt and cynicism in the promises, policies, and rhetoric delivered by our politicians.  

They say they are running for office to represent us, but once they get what they want with false promises, they get what we don’t have — salaries, health care, and pensions.  

Why don’t they have Obamacare, that they forced down our throats and why don’t we have their health care plans, salaries, and pension plans?

It is because they are duplicitous, speak with mendacity and are not trustworthy.

And, we the public, who they allegedly represent gullibly accept their own objectives rather than ours.

Today we have a nation that is more divisive and racially at odds with each other than we were yesterday.

This was created by the very politicians we elected to office with the promises of change they delivered to us but delivered more promising benefits to themselves.

These were the promises that I heard last night once again that made me think I was bitten by a mosquito from Brazil.

We the people are not as secure as we once were, we do not have the jobs we once had, nor do we have the income and savings of the past.

We need to think hard about the rhetoric being delivered by politicians – Clinton- who professes to be anti-Wall Street, but accepts $675,000 for three speeches from Goldman-Sachs.

And socialism – Sanders – running as a Democrat and Clinton – running as a Progressive — are both clones of Obama seeking a third term of a failed presidency and more entitlements than a nation can afford.

History is a lesson that should be consistently revisited. 

Because nations, powerful ones with more longevity than we have achieved have failed by some of the very policies we are enduring under the present leadership and the rhetoric I heard tonight that made me feel as though I had the flu, we can not continue into the future with these same failed policies.  

We can not give up what we fought for in the past, sometimes in vain, sometimes for ourselves, other times for others, because of errors of the past without learning from them and realizing that we shouldn’t be making the same mistakes once again.  

We are a great nation, an accomplished nation, we have been set back in the last decade by big government, failed progressive, socialist policies and we can not sustain more of the same from the Sanders/Clinton campaign delivering more rhetoric resembling a failed Obama administration from which we are hopefully escaping.












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