I Always Thought They Could Read . . .

SnowbirdsManasota Key Fl (Storch Report) — I always thought they could read, but the current crop of snowbirds that descended on Manasota Key this year lost more than their senses, including common.

I guess they always thought the world revolved around them, that’s why they dare the automobile by purposefully walking in front of it, and I guess some of them can’t see well enough to read because of cataracts, so roadway signs are superfluous.

We have a round-about as you enter our little island with a speed limit of 15 mph, they pay little attention to speed limits, as though they had some place to go and no one else did, and as you approach that confusing British hub there is a sign from all directions that says yield to cars in the circle.  Do you think they know what that means?

They either try to beat the car in the circle as they approach, or when in the circle they stop for the car that is supposed to yield, when they have the right of way.

The beaches are overcrowded, more so than in previous years and they park wherever they please, even on private property.

They should be wearing tee shirts emblazoned with the words, “Be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet.”

But if they found such a tee shirt they wouldn’t buy it because they can’t read it.

In the super markets they will run you over with their carts or block the isles as though they were the only ones shopping.

I can imagine how the GPS in a car must confuse them, especially the picture on the screen that tells them where to go and what not to hit when in the round-about.

The only directional signals they use are the hand symbols in the picture on the top of this column, a blinker for a left or right turn is verboten.

They think they are still driving a Model T when they should be in the back of a horse and carriage with chauffeur in a top hat, rather than a new car with gadgets that passed them by in the roaring 20’s.

I guess you got the picture by now, I’m really looking forward to summer when they make their exit; they left the North because it was too cold up there and they will leave here when it’s too hot, and then I can return the bird.

Dialog from the movie, “Top Gun” . . . “You know what the bird is?  Yes, Goose, I know what the bird is. . . “



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