How The Mainstream Media Became Part Of The Executive Branch Of Government

Obama & Hillary in Rose Garden

There is only one answer for the question raised by the headline of this column, and it’s LOVE.

The media fell in love with Barack Hussein Obama as a candidate, despite his questionable heritage, his place of birth, his nefarious associations, his lack of qualifications for the job and his policies as a candidate in 2008, and it didn’t make any difference whether they were gay, lesbian, heterosexual, pro choice or pro life; they would help him with any issue he wanted to take on as a Socialist/Marxist.

Perhaps it was nothing more than the media’s progressive education of higher learning that infiltrated the United States colleges while they were allegedly learning the profession of Journalism.

Obama was like the Pied Piper walking through the streets of America with followers he captured with his charisma and those that he cultivated,  like the mainstream media with his resonating philosophy and  likeness.

But likeness and political philosophy, despite its resonance to a receptive audience, does not make a leader, especially one without experience, or should it be a  matter of ideology on a path to Journalism.

These mainstream reporters of today are not those of yesterday who were once perceived to be tough, hard nosed, facetious and a bit like President Harry Truman from Kansas City Missouri, asking the hard questions to get to the truth.

Despite Obama’s abysmal record, the mainstream media continued to work hand and glove with his administration as though they were part and parcel of the executive branch.

A momentary flash back: There are three branches of government, the legislative, the executive and the judicial.  To simplify our founders intentions they are basically a check and balance to each other.

There is no room for the media in this equation, however, President Obama has cultivated the mainstream media into the executive branch through the quid pro quo of exclusive stories in exchange for  favorable flacking for the administration, that’s public relations and the leading agency of record is MSNBC.

But they are not alone, also in the flacking camp,  is the New York Times, The Washington Post, the LA Times, ABC, CBS and NBC among others.  Studies have demonstrated their bias through errors of commission and omission.

Obama has accomplished something most previous administrations have tried to achieve in controlling the media,  but with motives that appear to be anti-constitutional.

The mainstream media, without being part of the executive branch of government, and we the people are protected in our freedom of speech by the first amendment.

The people have a new voice, it’s called the Internet.  The media has the same voice with greater exposure than we the people, but it is no longer the circulation of paper, which unfortunately is in the state of its demise.  So game on!

Perhaps no story in recent history has demonstrated the blatant bias of the Obama controlled mainstream media than Benghazigate, clearly demonstrating how they are a part of the executive branch by their omission of coverage and when modestly covering the cover up not doing so fairly, adequately, or, accurately covering the deaths of four Americans, including the Ambassador to Libya, at the hands of an al Qaeda attack on a US Consulate in Benghazi.

The al Qaeda terrorist attack of a US Consulate in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11, which our government knew was an attack at the time, told the people that it was something else other than what they knew it was.

It was clearly a cover-up by the administration, it was not as Obama and Clinton said, a demonstration caused by a video critical of Muslims.  It was not what Susan Rice, Ambassador to the UN was sent out to deliver on 5 TV networks serving up the same false message, weeks later.  We now know that the talking points that Rice delivered were modified from the truth to the fiction of Benghazi.

The false messages, which the mainstream media delivered, was done for Obama and Clinton’s political agenda and the media cooperated during Obama’s reelection campaign.

There are no issues in DC that are not politicized, this issue was politicized at the outset by Obama’s own words.  He himself executed the cover up, following Clinton’s initial statement on the attack.

This was a presidential candidate that promised ‘transparency,’ something we haven’t had since President George W. Bush. 

The truth is paramount over all other criteria, Obama and his public relations arm, the mainstream media, who should be the keepers and bastion of the truth, obviously don’t understand, nor adhere to this tenant any longer.

We now have time lines of the Benghazi attack that exposes the facts, and the truth.  Where is the mainstream media when reporting these facts  — absent, as absent as President Obama was on the night of the attack.  This is not journalism, it is public relations practiced by the mainstream media, whom have been brain-washed into LOVE.

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