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Washington DC (Storch Report) — When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State she didn’t see some 600 requests for greater security in the Benghazi Libya outpost, nor did she approve or deny such requests, but she admitted that she was aware of the dangers that existed in the lack of security at the Outpost and did nothing about it, a serious error of omission.

The error of omission is the worst of the two errors in life; at least in the error of commission someone tries to do something about a serious issue they became aware of, even if it fails.

Hillary did nothing, and as a result, four Americans, for which she was responsible, died, including the Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stephens.

They died as a result of a pre-planned Al-Qaeda terrorist attack on the Outpost, not due to a video critical of Muslims, which was the storyline of the Obama administration, which she went along with, despite knowing the facts. Parenthetically, Obama was two months away from running for reelection, claiming he had Al Qaeda on the run.  The Benghazi Al Qaeda attack and narrative didn’t fit his political agenda.

Today during a Benghazi hearing it was disclosed through Hillary emails, not her testimony during an 11-hour hearing, that she emailed her daughter Chelsea that the attack on the Benghazi Outpost was a terrorist action by Al Qaeda and emailed the same message to the heads of State of Egypt and Libya.

She testified that the confusing incoming information was part of the ‘Fog of War.’

These were salient facts revealed and confirmed today.

However, Hillary didn’t address the ‘Fog of Politics’ which was delivered in the form of a spin that she didn’t seem to have any problem understanding.  

Yet Hillary on the following day blamed the incident on a video, as did Obama in the Rose Garden of the White House.

This message blaming the video was then again delivered on five different following Sunday talk shows, by Susan Rice then US Ambassador to the UN.

Hillary told her family, Egypt and Libya the truth and the American people something else.  Figure it out for yourself as to why.

These hearings have been going on for some time and the ‘flak’ and ‘partisan’ delivery of messages on both sides of the aisle is what goes on in DC and should come as no surprise.

Through all of Hillary’s posturing, to make herself look good, after all she is a candidate for president and vying for the Democratic nomination, consistently defended herself claiming that she was relying on the security experts within the State Department and that it was not her expertise.

Furthermore, she seemed to blame Ambassador Stephens, who couldn’t speak for himself, for he knew the risks in Benghazi and also knew how to get in touch with her. Yet they hadn’t talked for approximately a year.  He tried 600 times to reach her through State Department channels, but none of the messages got to her. She admitted that he didn’t have her private email, her fax, her home address nor her telephone number other than the channels available to him through the State Department. 

This, however, was not the case with Sydney Blumenthal, a friend she wanted to hire, but Obama opposed it.  He is a former journalist, a friend of the Clintons, and an employee of the Clinton foundation.  Blumenthal fed her numerous emails while she was Secretary, disclosed today via emails, all of the information coming from a source in the CIA.  Unlike Stephens emails, these reached her desk.

Perhaps Ambassador Stephens should have made his Benghazi security requests through Sydney?




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