Hillary Clinton To Announce The Obvious, Twittering A Tweet And Video On Sunday . . . She’s Running

Hillary runningNew York (Storch Report) — Running from Bill? Although she once denied she would stand by her man, but lied.  Running from Benghazi? Because she said the alQaeda attack that killed four Americans in a US Embassy outpost was all about a demonstration over a film, but lied.  Running from the facts on a private email server while Secretary of State, which have now been erased.  Running from President Obama and his failed policies while she served as his Secretary of State. Running from a less than stellar performance in the Senate and as Secretary of State.  Running from all of her scandal-gates with what could be wrapped-up in a campaign slogan, “What difference does it make?”

What makes a difference is that she believes she is an entitled woman to once again take up residency in the White House, not as First Lady, but as President.

She thinks it’s time for a woman in the White House and she thinks it’s her time for a coronation by the Democrats.

She ran once before, but lost to ‘Hope and Change’ and then joined her opponent President Obama in his failed domestic and foreign policies which will be attached to her pants suits like Duct Tape.

She has been running for so long for the presidency that we have gotten to the point that virtually no one believes she’s not running.

And, while she has been running and thereby avoiding answering questions to issues and scandals because she is not a declared candidate, she has been collecting more issues and scandals. 

Therefore, I guess her morass of campaign strategists decided it was time to cut their losses and announce the candidacy in a controlled environment.

It all has been such a long and drawn-out running process — because she is not a very good campaigner — it is analogous to slowly pulling off a Band-Aid from a bad wound.

So, instead of a grandiose announcement in a posh venue with fanfare before an audience of supporters, which might result in a host of questions from the media and a possible negative launch, it was decided not to take the risk.

Therefore, the long awaited announcement will be relegated to a 140 character Tweet and a YouTube video launching her run for president in a very controlled environment, while not making the mistake she did the last go-around, and will be heading to Iowa to campaign and listen to the people.

Look for more of these controlled media venues, not transparency, form the scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton.

Could it be she picked up this tactic from the very person she is trying to distance herself from?






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