Hillary Should Be In The Big House Not The White House


Hillary cartoon

Washington DC (Storch Report) — Hillary Rodham Clinton was fired in 1974 by Jerry Zeifam, counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, for lying and engaging in a variety of self-serving unethical practices in violation of House Rules as a young 27-year-old lawyer working on the Watergate investigation

Whether Hillary became a serial liar from that point on or this trait preceded this period of time is unknown.

However, it is clear that at least from this point, she excelled in the character trait of lying, from her days at Watergate, Whitewater, Travelgate, and Benghazi to this current day using a personal server to receive and send top secret emails.

From First lady, Senator, to Secretary of State she has sustained her title of untrustworthiness to the degree public polls now reflect her current public image of mistrust, yet she believes she is entitled to be President of the United States.

And what’s even more preposterous she is proceeding to do so while being under investigation by the FBI  for criminal acts for mishandling classified, confidential and top secret information while Secretary of State. She did all of this with her own private email server located in her private home.  Now we find out that 22 of the thousands of emails she was involved with, and available online to America’s enemies, can’t be released because they are too sensitive.

Yet Lady Hillary’s defense is that none of the document’s she forwarded were marked ‘classified,’ and all of these attacks are nothing more than a political conspiracy of the right, as all of the scandals she has been involved with in the past were.  It would be interesting to hear her tell this to the FBI, who is investigating her criminal, illegal activities.

My, what a stupid lady, exploiting duplicitousness, mendacity, and hypocrisy as though with her legal background and former positions in government didn’t know better.

Allow me to put this in perspective. Within the government, or, the military documents are deemed to be classified, confidential and top secret whether marked as such or not.  And you don’t have to be Secretary of State, a lawyer or a rocket scientist to know this.

I was drafted into the United States Navy in 1955, one of 30,000 men conscripted to supplement the Navy, the first time since World War II.

After completing boot camp, I was sent to a guided missile school to serve on duty as ship’s company.  Because the main base to which I was attached wanted me to play on their baseball team, I was assigned as a courier to pick up the mail from the main base and to  stop at CIC to pick-up telex messages for the guided missile school’s top command.  This allowed me to have the afternoon and evenings off to play baseball.

Because the messages I picked up at CIC included weather reports, which were deemed to be confidential, I had to be cleared to do this job.  

Not knowing in the high-level positions Hillary held, and being fired from one for lying early in her career, is hardly an excuse from which she should be given a pass. 

The last thing this nation needs after Obama is another serial liar as President.  

Hillary Clinton suffers from a serious addictive malady that even she doesn’t recognize and should be in the Big House, not the White House.










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