Hillary Just Shot Herself In Her Left Foot Suggesting America ‘Empathize’ With Its Enemies

Hillary empathize with enemyWashington DC (Storch Report) — It appears that Hillary Clinton, the front-running potential presidential Democratic candidate, is more aligned with Obama’s liberal thinking than most thought when she definitively stated before a paltry audience at Georgetown that America should ’empathize’ with its enemies.

She said, “This is what we call smart power.”

Sounds pretty dumb to me.

Clinton went on to say Wednesday, “Using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security.  Leaving no one on the sidelines.  Showing respect even for one’s enemies.  Trying to understand, in so far as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.  Helping to define the problems, determine the solutions.  That is what we believe in the 21st century will change — change the prospects for peace.”

Does she really think one can ’empathize’ with one wielding a sword that is about to cut off one’s head or to ‘respect’ an enemy that is willing to take their own life to kill you ?

Lt. Col. Oliver North (Ret) of Fox went “On the Record” and called Clinton’s comments “naive and irrational.”

It appears from these statements, which came from a speech she delivered and not from an off-the-cuff Q & A session, that she would like to pick up Obama’s liberal platform in 2016 and finish destroying the America we once knew.

America currently has little respect around the world under Obama’s leadership, imagine having another pansy as Commander in Chief peddling empathy rather than might?

Imagine showing empathy and respect for Boko Haram, the terror organization in Nigeria that kidnapped 300 school girls earlier this year?

Clinton already served as a do-nothing secretary of state in the first four years of the Obama administration and accomplished little but the accumulation of mileage in her globe-trotting jaunts.

It seems to me Hillary cemented her liberal alignment with Obama and did herself in with her kiss and make-up foreign policy comments. 

If nothing else her comments should be duly noted by anyone moderating a presidential debate should Clinton decide to run.





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