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DeleteNew York (Storch Report) — Now in order to understand this column of satire the premise is more complex than the subject matter, that is until the subject matter is disclosed — if it ever is; because the subject matter is controlled by the same person who was sending email messages under .gov, in behalf of her former employer which happens to be the United States Government (or we the people) and then again sending messages on the same server which she controls that are personal under .com.  This same person has control of the server and it appears by self-determined judgment decided to delete the .com messages because they were personal.

We need to know who the players are in this game therefore it seems to me we should have a key, you know, so we understand the deviousness under which the plan was contrived?  Here is the key: .gov is Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and undeclared candidate for president; .com is Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and undeclared candidate for president.  A dual operative within the government, with a questionable ‘gate-like’ past, not disclosing to the public what side of the dot she is on.

Now, I think you’ve got it, the persons in question sending these two different emails is one and the same and should be described as the person in question.  The emails in question took place when Clinton was Secretary of State.

It almost sounds like a Chess game that Clinton was playing with herself.  However, there was one difference — .com controlled the server and that person was judge and jury, because she could delete the messages she so selected or the moves she made, .gov had no control of the server or the messages and her moves were final. Checkmate to .com.

Don’t be confused by genders — they are both she’s.

Genders, by the way are big with the persons we are talking about.  The Clinton’s in this case gave a major address before the UN on this subject followed by a press conference yesterday on the subject of this column which gave me the fodder to which I am addressing.

I’m talking now about the she’s here, not Bill.  We will get to him later.

Now this revelation about dual emails and servers controlled by the Clinton’s all came about last week by a disclosure in the New York Times, the bastion of liberal journalism, which must have rotted the pantyhose of the genders.

In fact, such a liberal attack on a Democratic candidate got me a little caught-up in my own conservative shorts.

Nevertheless the disclosure of what the she’s did does not follow the rules set forth by the Obama administration, nor does it conform to some of the laws now being applied to others that are considered felonies, e.g. General Petraeus.  But let us not be distracted by a liberal diversion.

However, speaking of President Obama, he said he didn’t know anything about the email scandal with Clinton until he read about it in the media.

The White House quickly corrected this statement and said he did know.

Imagine a Harvard graduate, much like the she’s, not recognizing that he got emails from his Secretary of State and not recognizing .com V .gov.  And imagine the she’s doing this for ‘convenience’ and  admitting this might not have been too ‘smart.’  Or, not being able to have two emails on one smart phone rather than carrying two? And that’s an excuse, or better yet, the excuse?

Well, after all he and the she’s are busy people and too narcissistic to pay attention to what they should be paying attention to.

Now while some 50,000 of the .gov’s emails are being reviewed, no one knows anything about the 30,000 of .com’s that have been deleted that might have been .gov’s other than Hillary, and she as the self-designated Queen made the decision to delete them.

The period of time for all of this duplicitous behavior with emails by Hillary included the disaster at Benghazi, where four Americans were killed including the Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens by an Al Qaeda attack, which Hillary tried to blame on a US film critical of Muslims.  Could there have been emails on this crisis on .gov or .com?  During this period of time Hillary was photographed doing something on her smart phone.

According to the Congressional Committee investigating the 2012 attack on a US consulate in Benghazi there are huge gaps in the emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in relation to Benghazi.  They can’t be found on .gov, could they be part of the deleted emails of .com?  The plot thickens.

Well now if this was a first time occurrence with the she’s, one might understand the excuse of ‘convenience’ or, ‘I might have been smarter,’ but it follows the Clinton’s past involvment in Travelgate, Filegate, Chinagate, Lewinskygate and Bengazigate.  All of which caused Geroge Will, the columnist, to say, “The Clinton’s could find a loophole in a stop sign.”

More importantly the current email scandal appears to be intertwined with the Bill, Hillary & Chelsey Clinton Foundation which has been receiving tens of millions of contributions from the likes of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuait, Oman, Qatar, Algeria and Brunei all while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  I wonder if emails dealing with these contributions were on .gov or .com?

I said I would get back to Bill Clinton and here it is:  Bill who set up the private server in which he and his wife operate on to this day, which has been traced to a Manhattan controlled server, says he has only sent two emails in his life.  Well you can take this to the bank of credibility along with his definition of “is.”

I think all of this is but a “gender” thing and we should chalk this brouhaha up to some form of political correctness and let Hillary go through the stop sign without a ticket.

# # #

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