Hillary Corrals The Media Trying To Be Liked

Hillary's media rope lineNew Hampshire (Storch Report) — The lady who wants to go back to the house she once lived in so badly is now trying to be likeable, but has a funny way of showing it by corralling the very media trying to deliver her message.

Hillary Rodham Clinton took a page from former Heavyweight Champ Mohammad Ali this 4th of July weekend and played rope-a-dope with the media by having her goons hold a rope in front of her while walking down a street in New Hampshire keeping the press at bay and even corralling a few like a herd of cattle.

To demonstrate she is turning over a new leaf, she even went from taking no questions from the press to answering one.  The lame stream media asked her a rather hard hitting complex question when one reporter blurted out,”What flavor ice cream do you like?”  Hillary responded, “I like nearly everything.”  A campaign spokesperson explained that she wanted to be politically correct on this because she didn’t want to insult any rainbow of flavors.

It was later disclosed through some enterprising investigative reporting that a member of the campaign staff planted the question.

Hillary let it be known that her strategy at the outset, unlike her days as Secretary of State where she had no strategy, that she was to inherit the Democratic nomination for President of the United States by coronation at the convention and there was to be no viable candidates competing against her.  And, so it will be, inside sources at the campaign headquarters told this reporter.

Hillary Dead BrokeThere were also some rumors among staffers that John Podesta, Hillary’s chief adviser was flying to the Vatican with a bag of cash from the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation to donate to  the Vatican in exchange for the Pope Mobile now that the Pope is no longer using it in order to get closer to the people as Hillary is reaching out to the middle class . . . because she too was once broke.  Apparently the idea is to replace ‘Scooby Do’ with the Pope Mobile to avoid any more photo ops with the media rope-a-dope line.

It was revealed by Fox’s Howard Kurtz last night that the Hillary Clinton campaign has decided to open itself to more press interviews.  Kurtz said communications director, Jennifer Palmieri told him, “By not doing national interviews until now, we’re sacrificing the coverage.  We’re paying a price for it.”

It really doesn’t matter because the Hillary campaign behaves and talks as she has nobody in her party left to persuade therefore she knows she will be anointed.   In May 2015 Bill Clinton told an NBC reporter, “It’s all ready over.”

Hillary is one of a few that has the skill of speaking without saying anything.

For example in an interview with the Washington Post Hillary said she had developed a plan to overhaul the way money is spent in political campaigns.

Asked about her campaign finance agenda, Clinton said, “We do have a plan.  We have a plan for my plan.  I’m going to be rolling out a lot of my policies  . . . Stay tuned.”

Huh! Say good night Hill.

During the month of June Jeb Bush the Republican candidate gave 39 media interviews across all media persuasions, in the same period of time Hillary gave 6 to liberal outlets.

To believe she will be more accessible, candid and forthcoming is to believe she is negotiating for the Pope Mobile and is Dead Broke.







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