Hillary Clinton Promises A Third Term Of Obama, I Don’t Think This Is What America Wants!


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Kentucky (Storch Report) — Allow me to review what a third-term of Obama might look like under Hillary:

  • Enabling ISIS to further grow in strength more than it has under Obama
  • Decimating the military to the point the US no longer can defend itself
  • Continuing the weak economic recovery launched by Obama
  • Continuing the policy of not fostering jobs, yet advocating a higher minimum wage while wiping out the coal industry and its jobs in the name of climate change
  • Continuing to provide false employment reports by the government
  • Failing to provide transparency, as Obama promised, but failed to deliver, while she herself participated in the deceit as Secretary of State during the Benghazi cover-up resulting in the deaths of four Americans including an Ambassador
  • The mendacity in which she participates in and has a long history of for some 30 years, is no different than what is now being investigated by the FBI for her criminal acts in setting up a private server in her home and delivering top secret information through emails not protected by the government and exchanging favors to foreign governments for contributions to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for husband, Bill, giving speeches while she was Secretary of State under Obama
  • There is little difference in her acts now than those of Obama’s e.g., fast and furious, the IRS scandal of targeting conservative organizations for audits, scrutiny, the Benghazi cover-up while she was Secretary of State, and to this day we don’t know where Obama was on that fateful night, other than he wasn’t where he should have been
  • We could go on, but it has been promised by Hillary Clinton that she would carry on where President Obama left off with a continuation of executive orders and following the same left wing progressive policies of a lack of transparency, mendacity, and duplicitousness and promising a lifetime of progressive appointments to the Supreme Court that could be deleterious to the constitution and generations of Americans to come
  • Proceed with knowledge and caution
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