Hillary Clinton Not Capable To Be Commander In Chief — Benghazi Proves It


Hillary In Blue Pants Suit

Washington DC (Storch Report) — Clinton, the Dem presumptive presidential candidate, is a 25-year borderline non-convicted criminal political hack more qualified to be wearing an orange prison correctional pants suit than a blue $1,400 one from designer Nina McLemore, based upon the Benghazi report released today.

The GOP Benghazi Committee released its report investigating why 4 Americans were killed by error of omission by the Obama Administration and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with purposeful indifference and political intent of protecting through a cover-up a president’s reelection campaign.

No one knows where President Obama was during that contrived fateful night, but Clinton was in the White House, not the situation room, with others apparently plotting, while Americans were under attack in Benghazi, including the Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.

No one gave orders to send troops in to save those under attack.

The military force was ready to go with the order.  In fact they were ordered to change their uniforms four times, to disguise the operation because ‘Obama promised no boots on the ground.’

But the order never came for them to proceed on the rescue mission.

Instead Clinton and Company spent two hours developing a strategy of talking points to blame the attack on a demonstration over a video.

But it was known at the outset it was an al Qaeda attack and had nothing to do with a video.

In fact Hillary texted her daughter that very night informing her it was an al Qaeda attack.

Clinton and Obama lied to the American people at the outset and for two weeks thereafter, a clear cover-up for political objectives.  

Clinton is not capable to be Commander in Chief, based upon Benghazi alone.  She knows little about being Commander in Chief, least of all having the backs of Americans when they go into harms way.

We know over the 25 years she was allegedly in public service, rather than personal service, but for some it is hard to tell the difference, she lies, partakes in pay for play deals with foreign countries while Secretary of State for contributions to the Clinton Foundation, and violates government laws regarding private emails and servers.

Meanwhile she has somehow put the liberal broadcast and print media into one or more of her pants pockets and they continue play to her talking points that this is all a right wing conspiracy.

It is disheartening that there are but a few journalistic values still alive today.  It is obvious that Hillary Clinton is not a candidate of transparency, she holds few press conferences, if any.  All of her media events are structured and one on one.  She can’t handle a multitude of questions because she gets caught up in her own shorts.

The left wing media are not truth tellers, they deliver pap hand delivered by Clinton flacks, as was proved today by the New York Times.

Trump, the GOP presumptive candidate, calls much of the system ‘rigged.’ Perhaps he’s right?

I hope the left wing media are still in Hillary’s pockets when she is wearing designer correctional pants suits behind bars. 



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