Highway To A Bomb For Iran Paved By ‘Shovel Ready’ Obama Policies

O interview with TimesWashington DC (Storch Report) — President Obama says, ‘no bomb on my watch,’ a brave blusterous statement he made in an interview with the mouthpiece of his administration, the New York Times, for a pacifist president that has but 20 months to salvage a failed presidency with a Hail Mary pass of a bad deal with Iran for his legacy, which he perceives to be more important than the long-term survival of a nation, or world.

Historians will tag him with being responsible for the Middle East crisis by pulling US military troops out of Iraq prematurely and allowing Iraq to be taken over by terrorists, supported by the very country, Iran, he is trying to make a deal with to temporarily prevent them from getting a nuclear bomb.

Pulling troops out of Iraq was a campaign promise.  Campaigning always seems to be more of a priority for Obama than being a leader of the country to which he was elected to twice.

It was, is, and always will be about him, a narcissist.

Obama calls the framework of the Iran deal a, ‘good deal.’

Examining what is transparently available about the deal, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that the deal allows Iran to keep all of the infrastructure for building a bomb in place.

This means that within a very short time in which the deal falls apart — predicted by most — Iran will have the bomb.

Perhaps enough time for Obama to complete his watch and his perception of his legacy in making the deal.

The only move that brought Iran to the table of negotiations were the global sanctions imposed by the US Congress.  If the deal goes through sanctions would be lifted in June and money would flow into Iran.

The lack of Money hurt Iran and if the framework of this deal doesn’t work it would be unlikely there would be a snap-back to global sanctions, although Obama promises that is precisely what would happen.

Some have speculated that the bomb might be less terrifying than a ton of money flowing into Iran to further inflame and support terrorism in the Middle East.

Congress must become involved in the deal, although Obama will do his best to keep them out by some form of executive action that violates the Constitution.

But Congress has every right to be there and should exercise that right, either under the constitution if the deal is considered a treaty, or more likely under the sanctions of a bill Congress imposed on Iran by law.

Metaphorically Iran is the rug merchant and the US, under Obama, is the used car salesman.

Neither one has very much global trust or respect.

Either way, it is we the people from the respective countries making the deal, along with the rest of the world, who are at risk based upon the untrustworthy motivations of the participants.




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