Here’s Willy


Hillary & Bill

New York (Storch Report) — The latest news on the Clinton campaign: Hillary is calling Bill in from the bullpen to restart her 2016 campaign.

Hillary Clinton has restarted her presidential campaign so many times she never realized that she  forgot to turn off what she started in the first place; perhaps she should recall the red restart button she gave the Russians when she became Secretary of State?

She flubbed that one as badly as she has with the two pansy’s she is competing against in the non-competitive Democratic primaries, debating with a strategically DNC controlled debate schedule confined to Saturday and Sunday nights in order to limit exposure for flubs, incompetence and unethical exposure of past behavior.

And so Hillary called in slick Willy, despite their unsavory relationship, to be the closer for her coronation.  As the saying goes,’Politics make for some strange bedfellows,’ and the Clintons’ worked hard to fulfill this cliche.

The Clinton’s are a liberal progressive self-entitled family that will do what they have to do to achieve their goals.  They both want to be back in the White House, juxtaposing their roles of the past. Their behavior, both past, and present demonstrates they have little regard for the nation, its hope, dignity and on the basis of their promises, the protection of the people.  

Usually, a closer is called in to save a game, but Hillary is so many runs behind, I can’t fathom what Bill can possibly say to cover-up Benghazi, the private emails and server in their home, exposing top secret documents while Secretary of State, failed policies in Syria, funneling foreign money into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation, also as Secretary of State, and justifying the number of Pinocchio’s she has accumulated for her mendacity in testifying before Congress.

But, I am sure the philandering ex-president, known for questioning the definition of the word ‘is,’ will do his best to deliver a duplicitous message in docile tones to confuse in behalf of his partner in crime.

If Ed McMahon were still around, I could envision and hear him bellowing out in his circus barker’s voice, “Here’s Willy,” on a round of the late night talk shows.





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