Hatred By Democrats Has Taken America To A Place Where Liberal Journalism Is A Blood Sport

Washington DC (Storch Report) – Today there appears to be four branches of government, unlike the three we were taught in school.

Yes, there was once the Executive branch, the Legislative branch and the Judicial branch, of government but today with the advent of President Trump winning the most recent election over Hillary Clinton the liberal progressive candidate, the sore loser Democratic Party of our basic two party system has created the Intel branch, the fourth branch of leaks, to bring down a presidency through a covert attack on the Democracy of the US.

This power play was tried, and executed to some degree, in our history once before, by J. Edgar Hoover, to control a government through a power play by one.  But this movement is different.

Before Trump was inaugurated as President, there was a call for his impeachment, by Congresswoman Maxine Waters, (D-Ca) and Congressman John Lewis,(D-Ga) a civil rights icon, who said Trump was not ‘legitimate,’ called for a boycott of his inauguration.

There were protests, violence occurred, arrests took place and this continued under the movement of ‘black lives matter’ an anti police movement which has now been turned around to a positive police movement, by Trump.

The left at the outset tried to paint a collusion scenario between Trump and Russia to throw the election toward Trump, investigations ensued.  Three are operative and an Independent Prosecutor is being called for by the left and there are other elitists Republican snakes in the swamp looking out for their own political asses, motives and careers are playing in the same game.

Meanwhile the stock market is soaring, jobs are on the upswing, corporations are staying in America rather than fleeing elsewhere, Obamacare is on its way to repeal and moving to a better direction, the military is preventing forward movement by being bolstered, we are exercising the military might we have, foreign policy is improving, but the movement by the left in this nation is preventing forward movement by deception, divisiveness, an Alinsky philosophy for Radicals introduce by President Obama during the past administration.

The mainstream media, a well known arm of the progressive left, has introduced a new form of journalism as a blood sport to bring down a presidency, led by the Washington Post and the New York Times.

The Post on Monday said Trump shared classified information with Russia dealing with aviation and the use of laptops by ISIS to blow-up planes.   The leak was a crime, nothing the president did was.  Nevertheless the so called exclusive had legs among liberals.

This was followed up by an alleged second exclusive by the New York Times claiming that Trump asked Comey, the fired FBI Director, to back off of the FBI’s investigation of Mike Flynn, former National Security Advisory targeted by the Dems for his alleged dealings with the Russians.

All of this took place two days before Trump was to make his first trip out of the United States to deal with Mid-East issues with foreign leaders.

The memo the New York times is reporting on they have not seen, only portions of it were read to a reporter on the phone by an anonymous source, likewise was the case with the Washington Post report.

Blood is in the water the sharks are circling, and a new form of journalism is evolving which is not positive.






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