Hate V Reality . . . Wake Up America!

Washington DC (Storch Report) -It is interesting how hate can overpower reality and facts can be stubbornly ignored by progressive liberals who attempt to thwart benefits achieved for the people of America such as jobs, the economy (upward of 3 %) lower taxes and freedom with protection.

Many of these progressive liberals now represent the nation in Congress and their vitriolic hatred is so entrenched they refuse to accept President’s Trump’s success for the people.

They reject the voice of the people they represent who elected them and him to office and want to impeach the president, but, for what – they don’t know! They are in search in their hatred of vitriol for a reason with un-American, deceptive and false allegations.

The bastion of mainstream journalistic progressive liberalism is the New York Times, a branch of the Democratic Party who takes it upon themselves along with all the other mainstream liberal progressive media, to propagate these polices to the people.

Talk about ‘collusion’ among a well-oiled and ‘rigged’ machine.

The Times recently began running an ad that promotes ‘Independent Journalism’ implying that’s what they report and represent.

However, how could that possibly be when they have been guilty of plagiarism, crass bias and fake news?

Independent of what?  I guess reporting the news objectively with fairness!

The progressive liberal system is so rigged from within DC to the liberal media across the nation, it protects, along with our Justice system, alleged criminal activities of the likes of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Obama.

It liberally skews the education of our children from K thru 12 and precludes freedom of speech on college campuses.

I projected in my book, released this year and available on amazon.com, “Snakes in the Swamp,” the first 100 days, the success President Trump would have as change agent for the people and the hurdles he would have to deal with in the swamp of DC.

But we now know he is a fighter, a business man and a deal maker who achieved more in one year than former President Barack Hussein Obama did in eight years while trying to destroy America.

Trump has reinforced our military with the talent, the equipment and policies our armed forces need to win and defeat ISIS. He has proven he is not fearful of taking military action among our enemies.

He has made inroads into correcting liberal policies of political correctness in our culture – we even say Merry Christmas again without guilt.

Corporations are once again investing in America, bringing back money from offshore investments, raising salaries and giving out bonuses for the middle class.

Nevertheless, the hatred of the man, who was legitimately elected to lead a nation by the people, is overwhelming, despite the success of his policies, his leadership and positive results, proving the power of hate over reality and common sense.

Wake Up America!




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